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Hugo Boss reviews
Very good
Perfect strength not weak or to strong
All time favorite
Been a all time favorite of mine for years!! Very sexy and seductive feel, yet warm and sultry. I love this smell on my husband!!
Hugo Boss
Solid scent.
Very good, but not what I was looking for
A quality scent to be sure, just not what I had hoped it would be
Fair enough
This one isnt as strong as i would like but it is a nice aroma.
Gross man smell
Not a favorite , definitely not for me
It's good but slightly close to being overpowering.
The initial fragrance is very strong after just one spritz. It is just on the edge of overpowering. I'd recommend spraying the abdomen rather than the chest or on the neck. The lingering fragrance that occurs after hours of wear is rather nice and slightly feminine. I'd say it's straddling the line on unisex. Overall this is a good choice if you're looking for something new.
Loved it
Chicks dig it
Not terrible.
Just not what I like, really. Reminded me of tobacco drying in a barn loft.
Fresh and clean classic scent appropriate for everyday wear. Confident and sophisticated but not overwhelming.
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