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Memoire Archives

Est. in: 2020, USA6 products
About the brand
Memoire Archives fragrances capture the essence of time. Embark into their sensory explorations of places and emotions.
Memoire was created through the nostalgia of places gone, and yet to explore.
Vegan & Cruelty-free
“Scent is our strongest tie to memory.”
Memoire Archives
By the Sea
Sunny Dunes
Nothing heals like the ocean does. There is solidity in land, & freedom in the sea. Feel the sun beaming on your skin, breath the salty cool air, and listen as the waves crash on the shore, changing the land & stones with every movement she makes.
Memoire Archives
Cabin Retreat
The fire dances to a marvelous tune played by the evening owl, the restless deer rustling through the woods, and the turtles splashing their way into oblivion. The smell of the tall trees engulf your senses, the warmth from the fire lights the night of tranquility.
Memoire Archives
Candle Lit Evening
Rose Bouquet
Sweet Bourbon
Lace drapes over the table for two, a single rose in a crystal vase. These moments are seen through infatuated eyes, and candle light. Love struck by the thought of love itself, centered in bliss. Live in this moment with notes of rose bouquet, sweet bourbon, and honey.
Memoire Archives
Destination Unknown
Agave Nectar
California Poppy
Desert Marigold
Inspired by the freeing moments of traveling with no destination. Wind in your hair, freedom in your veins, music blasting, taking in the beauty of your surroundings. Destination Unknown lets you indulge in that freedom through notes of California poppy, agave nectar, and desert marigold.
Memoire Archives
Garden Party
A garden; a sanctuary, a symbol of growth & renewal. A place that holds so much beauty, & secrets. Stroll through the garden, lush with lavender, encompassed by magnolia trees, blooming with roses. Let the sun set and watch the fireflies dance and cheers to nature’s beauty.
Memoire Archives
Wish You Were Here
Fresh ground coffee
Summer Rain
Toasted almonds
The coffee is running through a grinder, warm biscotti’s are placed on the cafés counter, a low melody plays on the patio speakers, while warm rain trickles down the striped umbrella you sit under looking out onto cobblestone streets. Distance is no measure for love that makes us feel alive.