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Parfums de Marly
Turkish Rose
A charming and firmly modern floral bouquet. Delina is a highly nuanced fragrance which is both sweet and sensual. The eau de parfum relishes in its floral accords which are dominated by Turkish rose, lily of the valley and peony, blended with the rounded tangy notes of lychee, rhubarb, bergamot and nutmeg. Vanilla accentuates the sensuality of the composition at the base, mingling with white musk, cashmeran, cedarwood and incense.
Confessions Of A Rebel
Bite Me
Golden Rum
Red Apple
You’re never one to bite your tongue, but are always one to bite back. Sweet strawberry flirts with a whisper of red apple to create a frisky, fruit-forward air, while vanilla orchid and jasmine add a creamy, sensual vibe. Just before people assume you’re too sweet, a shot of golden rum checks them immediately with a sassy, ever-so-timely comeback. You’re certainly not one to f*ck with—and you have no problem reminding whoever tries to challenge you.
Acqua di Parma
Green Mandarin
Osmanthus is a sun-filled interpretation of the flower’s deep and sensual notes. The intense and lively fragrance combines the richness of the osmanthus flower with green mandarin and neroli oil. An artistic combination that takes you to the rock forests of South East Asia where the elusive flower blooms with a rich and powerful fragrance.
Floral Street
Wonderland Peony
Peony Accord
Pink Cotton Candy
Raspberry Flower
A light, fruity floral perfume. Sophisticated, not soft. Captivating, not cute. We don’t like to play favorites, but we have a thing for peonies. And this sweet floral perfume is stuffed full of them. Armfuls of peonies, pink berries, and violets. A shot of cedar wood lends a woody-balsamic warmth while vetiver injects the tiniest hint of hazelnut. Ethereal and dreamy - diaphanous and divine - this shimmering and sheer beauty of a scent is the stuff that dreams are made of. We bet it’ll fast become one of your fragrance wardrobe essentials. This vegan perfume is for the delicate, dreamy, radiant, and thoughtful. Who will you be today?
Storie Veneziane by Valmont
Just Bloom
Lily of the Valley
A perfectly balanced eau de parfum, product of the inspiration drawn from a beautiful bouquet of white flowers, expertly designed and composed with sobriety, JUST BLOOM unveils femininity in a generous bouquet of white. "With JUST BLOOM, I wanted to bring a different aspect of women to light. Women of character, joyful and fulfilled, lives rich in beautiful stories. Confident, radiant, completely in tune with the times, I dressed their portrait with the harmonious intensity of a white floral scent, sculpting a new essence of sparkling bright light." Sophie Vann Guillon, CEO and Fragrance Editor
Vince Camuto
Pink Pepper
This whimsical bottle is filled with pure joy. This vibrant scent embodies the happiness and playful spirit of the woman who wears it. Sparkling bergamot and luscious pink vanilla burst with emotion as a reminder to always live life in full bloom.
DIME Beauty
7 Summers
Coconut Cream
Juicy Pear
Vanilla Lavender
7 Summers is an uplifting scent that imbues a thoughtful, artistic expression of positivity and happiness. A scent that embodies the warmth and excitement of better days ahead.
Rosy Bloom
Granny Smith Apple
Pink Grapefruit
Sweet Rose
Expressive and sweet. Rosy Bloom's notes inspire you to be your true self and let yourself bloom. This fine fragrance blend is a gorgeously choreographed blend of fresh fruit and blooming florals.
Christian Siriano
Midnight Silhouette
Red Salt
Shimmering Fresia
The fragrance is introduced by savory top notes, including the exotic Red Salt. The rich red hue of the salt elevates this intriguing gourmand to a level of untouchable sophistication, and establishes the immediate addiction that the fragrance continues to invoke as it unfolds. The heart of the fragrance is characterized by the enchanting and beautiful Immortelle Flower. This everlasting flower adds longevity and allure to the fragrance in the form of a fascinating and desirable caramelized floral note. A layer of delectably sweet gourmand notes emerges as the fragrance evolves. Nutty Praline gives the fragrance a soft and creamy element that delicately lingers on the skin, and continues to emphasize the delicious addictive nature of the top notes.
Eau de Juice
Pure Sugar
Jasmine Sambac
Pink Pepper
Why isn’t everything pink? For when you’re feeling sweet, girly and flirtatious.
This fragrance is deliciously irresistible. Fruity top notes (wild strawberry and pink grapefruit) are rounded out by hints of pink pepper and jasmine, serving up a sugary scent that smells sweet and vibrant but never overwhelming.
Hayley Kiyoko
Blood Orange
Skin Musk
An audacious scent designed as an expression of liberation, freedom, and self empowerment...this irresistible floral fruity fragrance embodies Hayley’s very essence from start to finish. Bold, energetic and just a little disruptive, sparkling top notes of blood orange, watermelon and freesia unfold into blooming peony petals, lychee, rose and pink magnolia. Warm and cocooning, the background develops into milky undertones of creamy cacao blanc and a soft, sensual trail of skin musk.
Heretic Parfums
A scent of many facets, as delicate as it is animalistic, as curious as it is classic. Bergamusk pairs two power scents—uplifting Bergamot, picked fresh from the gardens of Calabria, and the alluring White Musk of the aphrodisiac Ambrettolide. Heart chords of Jasmine and Cedar pique the curiosity while calming Sandalwood grounds it with a touch of bohemian intrigue. It’s like a lethal flirt and a casual heartbreaker. Soft, sweet, layered with complexities. A fragrance of true modern romance.
Catherine Malandrino
Cashmere Musks
Dewy Fruits
Transcendent is blended with fragrances that truly transcend your senses. Sophistication & beauty bottled to perfection.
Milk- (personal)
Cashmere Wood
Skin Musk
Milk's warm notes of Skin Musk, Tonka Bean and Mahogany Wood are made lustrous with Skin Musk and White Cedar. Light as a feather, this sweet and caressing scent lays close like a second skin.
Christian Siriano
Green Apple
The top notes were inspired by one of Christian’s signature fabrics, bright and dusky all at once, like a calm sky after a storm. A feeling of freshness was captured by a combination of cassis and wet greens for a crisp, aromatic effect with hints of purple berries. Like a multi layered dress, the fragrance unfolds in a succession of ethereal layers; delicate floating petals of jasmine, rose and freesia create a sense of innocence and femininity and added whipped, sophisticated gourmand notes for a fun playful twist. The heart of the scent is light-hearted and whimsical, mirroring the light, flowing layers of tulle in the dress. The base of the fragrance compliments the soft femininity of the heart with more masculine notes of woods and moss, giving the fragrance a fresh, contemporary edge.
Kenneth Cole
This Floriental Gourmand scent is a flush of pink peony and bold sugared raspberry with contrasting white musk that lingers at the base. Evoking the rush of a first kiss or the revealing glow from an unexpected compliment, each spritz takes you on a new adventure.
Leather Molecule
Rose Oil
Powerful, Sunny, Deep Heat and Vertigo I am Verticaloud
Patchoulight Eau de Parfum brings the depth of woods with elements of Violet and Iris Absolute that highlight the deep green character of the fragrance. Patchouli Essence takes on a modern twist with peppery undertones to create a new earthy woody scent.
Clean. Alcohol-Free. Long-lasting. Moisturizing. Cruelty-free.
DIME Beauty
Lovely Sweet Dreams
Coconut Cream
Peach Nectar
Lovely Sweet Dreams embodies the essence of playful, spunky, and sexy. Sparkling your senses with light, fresh, and floral accents, it will leave you in awe as you grasp those unlimited dreams.
Floral Street
Electric Rhubarb
Australian Sandalwood
English Rhubarb
Island Gardenia
Jasmine Sambac
An unexpected and bubbly vegan perfume. White florals, Island Gardenia, and powdery Sandalwood are combined with the scent of English Rhubarb and a blast of salty sea air. If you could bottle the feeling of laughing and sipping perfectly chilled Prosecco on a summer's afternoon, this would be it.
Floris London
Cefiro is Spanish for Zephyr, or the name given to the warm Mediterranean winds. Floris London’s Cefiro conjures warm winds and endless sunshine with a refreshing blend of orange citrus and the sweetness of sheer jasmine. A fragrance this cheerful will wake you up in the warmest, most welcoming way possible.
Maison 21G
Mimosa Mantra
Mimosa, radiant, slightly powdery, freshly marine, create a singularly complex floral fragrance. This flower thrives at the end of the winters of the French Mediterranean and brings together surprisingly delicate sunny floral notes with fresh greenness of violet leaves on top. It evolves on your skin into a comforting enveloping honeyed nuance which never fails to delight the senses. Mimosa Mantra, youthfully radiant and endlessly elegant, provides the perfect mantra for daily happiness and confidence. It injects sunshine and is sure to brighten your day with every spray.
David's Perfume by David Dobrik
#02 Grapefruit & Sandalwood
Violet Leaf
David's Perfume #02 Grapefruit & Sandalwood is a warm, enveloping fragrance. Juicy grapefruit gives way to fresh violet leaf, followed by sensual amber and sandalwood. The composition began by exploring Dobrik's favorite individual scents, which he joked “...didn’t really help because it’s a Sharpie and air fresheners.” From there, Celine Barel (perfumer) considered other, more traditional favorites of Dobrik's like citrus, amber and sandalwood, which are highlighted in the final composition. David’s Perfume #02 is a warm, seductive fragrance that’s elegant yet unexpected.
The Harmonist
Metal Flower Parfum
Bulgarian Rose
Orange Blossom
Metal Flower is a modern fragrance that captivates the wearer like a glint of light bouncing off a burnished surface. Graceful Bulgarian rose combines with Rose of May and patchouli and sharp metallic notes to create a floral trio with an unexpectedly honed edge. Delicate yet deft, it’s a dazzling Yin scent that charms and motivates.
Parfums de Marly
Delina Exclusif
Turkish Rose
A new take on Delina is an unprecedented captivating floral parfum creation. The fruity opening notes of pear, lychee and grapefruit provide intrigue. At the heart, a bouquet of rose Damascena paired with incense and vetiver capture the soiree in all its beauty. Set with a subtle base of vanilla, musk and Evernyl, this Parfums de Marly scent is luminous and passionate and uses only the finest ingredients.