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Catherine Malandrino

Est. in: 1998, USA6 products
About the brand
Catherine Malandrino has become a brand that embodies femininity and strength. Bridging the style of Paris, the romance of Provence and the energy of New York, the Catherine Malandrino brand is embraced by women of style all around the world.
The Catherine Malandrino Collection was first debuted in New York in 1998 in the windows of Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus. That same year, the first Catherine Malandrino boutique was born in the heart of Soho. Since then, there are now eleven Catherine Malandrino stores and five shop in shops worldwide.
Catherine Malandrino
Let your senses become entranced by a floral fruity fragrance, balanced by a floral note of delicate peony and muguet, softened with sheer musk. Find yourself in a dream state, floating in pure bliss.
Catherine Malandrino
Luxe de Venise
Luxe de Venice sparkles with velvet apricot and shimmering grapefruit over an indulgent floral heart of sheer jasmine and soft, smooth roses infused with sweet raspberries. Smoky amber and exhilarating crushed geranium leaves provide a luxurious contrast in the base.
Catherine Malandrino
Romance de Provence
Black Currant
Mandarin Orange
Romance de Provence is a mesmerizing blend of classic florals with appetizing gourmand notes. A heart of elegant jasmine and rose paired with soft violet and bracing green tea leads to a rich, decadent dry down of spicy vanilla and caramel, accented with amber and warm, subtle patchouli.
Catherine Malandrino
Special Moments
Amber Crystals
Citrus Peels
Plum Peach
A fragrance formulated to bring out every woman’s inner glow. Catherine Malandrino’s iconic poise is enclosed in Special Moments, wear with confidence.
Catherine Malandrino
Style de Paris
Mandarin Orange
Orange Blossom
Style de Paris’s twin pairs of top and heart notes make this fragrance uniquely elegant and enjoyable. The citrusy powder in the orange blossom mirrors the opening Italian mandarin, the red grapefruit shimmers with a lovely violet overlay, and the tropical lushness of the pear matches gardenia’s exotic humidity.
Catherine Malandrino
Cashmere Musks
Dewy Fruits
Transcendent is blended with fragrances that truly transcend your senses. Sophistication & beauty bottled to perfection.