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Est. in: 2018, France6 products
About the brand
Perfume is alchemy and Hermetica takes its name from Corpus Hermeticum, a collection of mystical texts that influenced the practice of alchemy in the early Middle Ages. Alchemy sought to transform basicmetals into precious materials and to find the elixir of life. In their quest to find their ultimate elixir, Hermetica founders John and Clara Molloy created a revolutionary collection that uses both natural ingredients, synthetic molecules and synthetics derived from natural sources. This hybrid formula, where synthetic molecules are issued from a natural source, has been developed by Symrise using unique patented technology - InnoscentTM – a first ever for the perfume industry. This patented ingredient is called Hydrolite, which represented the next generation of sustainable Pentylene Glycol. Petylene Glycol is a synthetic humectant used in cosmetics and beauty products that is also secondarily used as a solvent and preservative. In short, Hydrolite is the moisture-binding and antimicrobial property that makes Hermetica perfumes cling to your skin like a serum and generate such lasting power. Hydrolite is made by a patented process and derived from sugar cane which is ethically and responsibly sourced. Hydrolite is the ideal multifunctional ingredient that will boost the performance of active ingredients, moisturize the skin, improve the sensorial profile of formulas and enhance the product protection! Exclusive to Hermetica, the alcohol-free formula reveals immediately the heart of the fragrance. Every perfume has its own speed, which reflects the time it takes for the core of fragrance to be full released.The result of this modern-day alchemy is 12 powerful, long-lasting and moisturizing perfumes plus, Source1 – a unique, standalone scent that can also be found in all of the fragrances.
Amber Molecule
Bergamot Essence
Sweet Powder Wood
Revered since ancient times, amber is a rich, luminous and golden material. This luxurious resin gives Amberbee sweet and velvety facets, while honey elements wraps the fragrance in a delicate manner. Amberbee is brightened by Bergamot Essence and warmed by a Sweet Powder Wood Molecule.
Clean. Alcohol-Free. Long-lasting. Moisturizing. Cruelty-free.
Figfever Eau de Parfum chooses to highlight the molecule of Fig Leaves, to reveal all the freshness of a composition, such as its luminous and invigorating character, by combining it with Blackcurrant extract. Associated with floral notes, it leaves an amber and woody facet on the skin, which gives the fragrance fullness, strength and radiance.
Clean. Alcohol-Free. Long-lasting. Moisturizing. Cruelty-free.
Ginger Extract CO2
Green Musk Molecule
Lily of the Valley Molecule
A green and aromatic scent, Jade888 Eau de Parfum incites images of dense foliage and tangled vines, prolific and untamed. The key notes in this soft, verdant scent are Ginger Extract CO2, Lily of the Valley Molecule, and Green Musk Molecule.
Clean. Alcohol-Free. Long-lasting. Moisturizing. Cruelty-free.
Rose Absolute
Fresh, Pink, Petally This is it I am Rosefire
Rosefire Eau de Parfum, is inspired by red roses and lukum, or Turkish Delight, that combined with the source accord, creates an ambery take on a rose fragrance. Top notes of Rose Absolute and Floral Violet Molecule accentuate its floral tones, while the Davana essence, an aromatic herb, adds a fruity, hay-like liquorish tone to its character.
Clean. Alcohol-Free. Long-lasting. Moisturizing. Cruelty-free.
Bergamot Essence
Dry Amber Molecule
Fresh Wood Molecule
Source 1 Eau de Parfum, forms the very core of the Hermetica brand and is the Prima Materia. It is both the base of all of Hermetica fragrances as well as a standalone perfume in its own right. As a base and an enhancer, the luminous scent of bergamot is blended with molecules of Dry Amber and Fresh Wood Molecules to bring a modern warmth and verticality to your skin.
Clean. Alcohol-Free. Long-lasting. Moisturizing. Cruelty-free.
Leather Molecule
Rose Oil
Powerful, Sunny, Deep Heat and Vertigo I am Verticaloud
Patchoulight Eau de Parfum brings the depth of woods with elements of Violet and Iris Absolute that highlight the deep green character of the fragrance. Patchouli Essence takes on a modern twist with peppery undertones to create a new earthy woody scent.
Clean. Alcohol-Free. Long-lasting. Moisturizing. Cruelty-free.