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Michel Germain

Est. in: 1994, Canada5 products
About the brand
Michel Germain is the award-winning perfumer who creates luxury fragrances that invite seduction using gorgeous, natural oils. Known internationally for their natural oils, his fragrances invite closeness, create allure, and inspire love. It is this element of Michel Germain fragrances that have catapulted his fragrances to the top of the fragrance world and into a niche of its very own. He was honoured with the “Lifetime Achievement” Award by his peers, honouring his contribution to the fragrance world for over 25 years. Michel began his career out of love for his wife, Norma, in search of a fragrance blend that she would fall madly in love with every day. His first fragrance Sexual, was a message of love to Norma. With each subsequent fragrance, Norma loves every scent or Michel will not offer it to the world.
Michel Germain
Sexual Noir
The mysteriously playful cocktail of daring, sensuous love.
Playfully succulent mandarin and sweet strawberries flow into a sensuous palette of mysterious patchouli, exotic pink orchid, and deceptively innocent pink sweet flower. Dark natural oils enfold classic vetiver, warm vanilla and amber that invite a warm, daring love.
Michel Germain
Sexual Paris
French seduction without inhibitions.
Every spritz is a world where mad, Parisian love dances entangled with passion. French blackcurrant veiled with sparkling champagne clementine mixes with passionflower and jasmine. Sophisticated amber wows mixed with Parisian natural oils. The only way to get rid of Sexual Paris's temptation is to yield to it.
Michel Germain
Cotton Candy
Playful. Kissable. Sugarful.
First love’s innocence reveals itself with wild, sweet strawberry and pink peony spun with delectable pink cotton candy. Musk and seductive sandalwood kisses with a pulsing touch of sensuality. A luscious, sugarful whirlwind to satisfy every addiction.
Michel Germain
Sugarful Dream
Believe in Dreams.
Believe in Love.
Sugarful Dream.

Delectable blueberry swirling with wild strawberry beckons you to enter a French lavender dream of love. Passionflower softly whispers fantasy, while euphoric Star Jasmine fluffed with velvety vanilla ends with sweet ecstasy.
Michel Germain
Sexual Noir Pour Homme
Sweet Tobacco
Mysterious. European. Sexy.
Sexual Noir tempts and captivates with a European, daring, masculine charisma. Italian bergamot and crisp, mouthwatering grapefruit blend with wild coriander and intoxicating lavender. Mysterious velvet moss and masculine sweet tobacco captivate with a daring, masculine European charisma.