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Kenneth Cole

Est. in: 2002, USA6 products
About the brand
Kenneth Cole Productions, Inc. is an American brand founded by New York-born designer Kenneth Cole in 1982.

Originally founded as a shoe company, the company changed its name from Kenneth Cole Inc. to Kenneth Cole Productions, Inc. when it couldn't afford hotel or showroom space to debut its shoe collection at Market Week, but learned that it could park a trailer outside the hotel if it had a film company permit. The name was immediately changed, the permit to film was granted, and the company launched and simultaneously documented its own launching in a feature film titled, "The Birth of a Shoe Company." The company still retains the name Kenneth Cole Productions, Inc. "as a reminder to the importance of resourcefulness and innovative problem solving." (from the corporate website)

Kenneth Cole offers fragrances in collaboration with Coty. The first scents, Kenneth Cole for Men and Kenneth Cole for Women, were launched in 2002. Fragrances are offered under the Kenneth Cole, New York and the Reaction labels.
Kenneth Cole
Cashmere Wood
Need to relax and unwind? Kenneth Cole Serenity embraces you with a feeling of warmth, calm, and comfort. This sensual fragrance will leave your mind at ease with its smooth blend of modern woods, white amber, and plush peonies.
Kenneth Cole
This Floriental Gourmand scent is a flush of pink peony and bold sugared raspberry with contrasting white musk that lingers at the base. Evoking the rush of a first kiss or the revealing glow from an unexpected compliment, each spritz takes you on a new adventure.
Kenneth Cole
MANKIND – Kenneth Cole is a bold fragrance that celebrates the evolution of the modern man; confident, connected and ready to take on today’s challenges. He is performance driven yet also understands the importance of achieving balance in his life, whether in his career, relationships or latest adventures. Accomplished but humble, competitive yet fair, witty yet respectful-- this is the new MANKIND. MANKIND opens with a fresh blend of cardamom, tarragon leaves, zesty ginger and a splash of pineapple. It continues into a masculine blend of cedarwood, vetiver root and cinnamon then transforms into a rich, enticing drydown of sandalwood, oak moss, tonka and sexy skin musk.
Kenneth Cole
Mankind Hero
Plum Wood
Kenneth Cole MANKIND HERO is a fresh new fragrance that celebrates the evolution of the modern hero: the committed partner, father, the better man, the great protector. He is a man who embraces simplicity, inspires self-belief in others, and keeps his friends close and his family closer. This is the evolution of mankind—MANKIND HERO
Kenneth Cole
Mankind Legacy
Clary Sage
Madarin Oil
MANKIND LEGACY brings an exciting edge to the collection that awakens the senses and inspires you to make your mark. Opening with a combination of citrus and icy aromatic notes of sage provides a lively freshness and surge of energy; Comforting rosemary follows for a feeling of well-being. Warm, reassuring notes of cedarwood and refined vetiver create a long-lasting scent that asserts confidence.
Kenneth Cole
Mankind Unlimited
Black Pepper
Mandarin Oil
Ocean Water Accord
A citrus from Italy leaks into fresh aromatic heart of Juniper from France and is blended with warm woods and amber from Morocco and Norther Europe. This variation of warm and cool notes adds a modern masculine edge to the vibrant new fragrance.
MANKIND UNLIMITED is an explosion of invigorating scents contrasting with fresh spices and warm woods, combining elements from across the globe.