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Est. in: 2017, USA8 products
About the brand
Skylar is a Los Angeles-based clean fragrance and personal care brand that was designed for people with sensitivity but made for all.
Cat Chen founded Skylar in 2017 after she realized that the perfume she was wearing was causing her 4-month-old daughter to have an allergic reaction. Skylar’s mission is to help people feel beautiful, confident, and safe in their own skin while being clean, hypoallergenic, and cruelty-free.
“To make every woman feel beautiful, confident and safe in her own skin.”
Isle Escape
Isle Escape is a cool, dewy, and fresh scent. Sandalwood anchors this fragrance with a calming depth that contrasts subtle cardamom spice. Brighter top notes of bergamot and orange mist to create a scent that brings your daydreams of sun-filled days at the beach to life.
Salt Air
Sea Salt
Salt Air is a bare, breezy, beachy scent. At the core of this scent are distinct notes of sea salt for a fresh out of the ocean feeling. Driftwood notes bring a sense of grounding, while the serenity of the ocean is brought alive by the aquatic elements of seaweed.
Sun Shower
Jasmine Tea
Meadow Greens
Sun Shower is a cool, green, and dewy scent to renew and refresh your spirit. The fresh elements of meadow greens are amplified by smooth, woody notes like cedarwood and cypress. The light base allows the aromatic jasmine tea and lemon leaves to invigorate your senses.
Coconut Cove
The coastal wind carries creamy coconut through the green trees to meet you with a tranquil touch. A scent to transport your spirit to an exotic haven on the breathtaking coast.
There is something very reassuring about exotic locales. Coconut Cove transports your spirit to a place where creamy coconut mingles with the scent of coastal winds rustling through green trees. Light floral touches are heightened by blooms of jasmine and gardenia, almost intoxicating in its tranquility. It’s a sensual, calming scent that will awaken your desire to make your own way in the world.
Fall Cashmere
Cinnamon Bark
Roasted Almond
Spiced Bark
Fall Cashmere captures the luscious vibes of a much-anticipated autumn season. Cinnamon bark gives this fragrance the quintessential autumn vibe that we all crave, paired with the cozy warmth of roasted almonds for a rich and nutty aroma. Lastly, notes of spiced ginger makes this seasonal favorite wearable all year long.
Honeysuckle Dream
Pear Leaf
A scent that embodies the unforgettable moment when you walk by fresh blooms on your morning stroll. Begin your day with a scent that is beautiful and fresh with floral notes of sweet honeysuckle and blooming lilies. Honeysuckle Dream is a crisp fragrance that exudes optimism, inspired by the fragrant mornings of spring.
Pink Canyon
Pink Salt
Pink Canyon is a citrusy and woody scent with a salty flair. Pink salt notes set this scent apart and brings together vibrant citrus and grounding elements Juicy grapefruit elevates a woody base of cedar notes for a beautifully complex and intricately layered fragrance.
Vanilla Sky
Caramelized Cedar
Pure Vanilla
Vanilla Sky, a creamy and warm scent inspired by the comforting aromas of your favorite coffee shop or corner café. Pure Vanilla shines through this scent with cappuccino notes for a unique gourmand twist. Caramelized cedarwood lies at the base of the fragrance to give a rich warmth and deep sense of comfort.