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Perfect for me
My body chemistry enhances this fragrance. So was just right for me.
Smells very vanilla. Lasts longer than the other one I got. Didn’t live the capsule bottle and they didn’t have the names in the outside
Smells clean. Light and refreshing.
A New Favorite
Smells delicious. Going to order a bottle of this one! Perfect for end of summer. Sweet but not sickly sweet. Reminds me of a New England beach.
More of a vanilla scent than I was expecting , so much softer . It is very nice though . A soft sophisticated smell . Definitely would be in my top 10 .
Too powdery
Has a very powdery scent. Mature and old smelling. Not my thing
Not bad at all..
Good fragrance worth it..
Definitely a head turner, but it doesn't last.
If u love Tom Ford Soleil Blanc...
If you love Tom Ford Soleil Blanc then you will absolutely love this!! It has a lot of the same notes and smells almost identical although it is not as strong... it does last the entire day. This is a beautiful beachy aquatic scent that is perfect for summer.
oxford perfume
an ocean perfume
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