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Diana Vreeland reviews
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Daringly Different
This has a very intense powdery smell. It's way too mature for me.
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Sophisticated (doesn't smell like cotton candy) and complex. My husband loves it. Wish the scent lasted a bit longer, but a great find.
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Normally, I enjoy these types of fragrances. However, this one has an overpowering "tobacco-like" note that overwhelms everything else. I don't think it is well balanced in that regard. My boyfriend commented that my perfume was too strong and masculine while wearing it, and he is a cologne and perfume enthusiast.
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Field of flowers
I am not a big fan of overly floral scents. But if I did, I would like this sent.
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Striking Fragrance
I was delighted when I received this fragrance. I took a chance on it and absolutely love it. It is bold but mingles well with your chemistry.. It lasts all day and the next morning I can always smell hints of it on my coat.
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Great floral
My nose was utterly fascinated by this, and kept going to the crook of my arm, The carnation, rose, and mandarin are just heavenly. It lasted for a long time on me..It has caused me to put all the Diana Vreelands in my queue. The pink pepper and patchouli that anchor it were not a distraction, and added to the sexiness of this fragrance. Do you sell a whole bottle?
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Proud to smell like a “grandma”
I read in reviews over and over that the fragrance is a “grandma or old lady” scent. What is a grandma or an old lady scent??? Can you really not find a better way of describing it? Is it the floral? Is it powdery? Does it settle into a sweet and softer slightly spicy scent? Because that’s how I would describe Daringly Differet and it is just that, different! Just because it’s not a loud or citrusy scent does not make it old lady or grandma but if that’s really the best way you can describe it then that’s the scent I like. It does last most of the day but it’s not big projection after it settles down.
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Old lady perfume
Contrary to its name, this smells like the stuff my mom's had sitting on her dresser for 30+ years. I will be giving it to her, actually, and she will probably love it. 😂
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Definitely Daring!!
I love this scent! It is the perfect mix of sweet, floral, and a little masculine to tone it down. It is strong at first but tones down after a little. Also layers well with other perfumes.
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Really nice
I love this scent. You can definitely smell the leather but it's still a little sweet. Maybe a little rosey. It reminds me of Opium but better. It starts out strong but tones down and all the different components come out. It is good for a night out. This is a mature scent. Very sexy. I enjoy this alot. My sprayer didn't work... So i have to dab it on.
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