2019 Cologne for Every Zodiac Sign

Cologne Horoscope For 2019


2019 Cologne for Every Zodiac Sign

With a brand-new year ahead, it’s always a good idea to check in with your spirit and see where the next turn around the sun may lead you.  Perfume is one of the most powerful guides for connecting with your inner strength and motivation, and we humbly suggest these fragrances to guide your spirit in the New Year:

Aries Perfume Horoscope

Aries are always the Alpha Males, the “never-say-die” leaders of the pack. Leather, boozy, smoky notes, and aggressive, bold spices define the Aries masculine spirit.

We suggest:  Arrogant, by English Laundry
Taurus Horoscope

Taurean men are loyal, stubborn, gentle, family-oriented, and strong. They’re the ultimate “keep calm and carry on” types. Colognes with lavender, geranium, bright citrus, and green accords will suit the Taurus scent style nicely.

We suggest:  Carven Vetiver by Carven Parfums
Perfume Horoscope Gemini

Gemini men are suave, talkative, and friendly, and have to be in the middle of everything. They’re the world’s best networkers. The generous, driven Gemini needs a cologne with the same outgoing personality as he has. Geminis will be best served with lots of aromatic spices, juicy citrus, and warm dessert notes like vanilla, amber, or chocolate.

We suggest: Cologne Mood by Sud Pacifique
Perfume Horoscope Cancer

The Cancer sign is all about loyalty and empathy – powerful subtlety in action.  A sophisticated statement cologne works best with this “still waters run deep” spirit.

We suggest: Centuries Almond by Caswell-Massey

Leos are fastidious, quick-witted, and aren’t afraid to dress to the nines. Cutting-edge cult scents, bold new ideas, and colognes that push the style envelope will match a Leo’s roar with ease.

We suggest: Cannabis by Malin + Goetz

Virgo men are detail-driven individuals who highly value honest truth and community-building. A Virgo man will be happiest with either a finely tuned minimal scent or an enormously complicated Oriental packed with details.

We suggest: Jubilation XXV Men by Amouage

Libra males are the ultimate negotiators and peacemakers. They are conflict-averse, striving to make sure everyone around them stays calm and content.  Fragrances that don’t add anything more to the mental mix are best. Light, bright citrus, or mellow incense blends are best for Virgos.

We suggest: Arancia di Capri by di Parma

Scorpio men are as direct and intense as it gets on the zodiac. Hardcore success symbol packaging, and scents with a serious macho image will appeal to a Scorpio’s work hard, play hard attitude.

We suggest: Fortitude by Robert Graham

Sagittarian men are the shamans and wanderers of the world. They seek spiritual truth and intellectual purity from all corners of the world.  And so, a fragrance that is earthy, grounded, and cozy is just what they need to keep their spirits from floating away in a philosophical haze. Vetiver, moss, kitchen spices and garden notes are excellent choices.

We suggest: The One Gentleman by Dolce & Gabbana

Capricorn men are the “nose to the grindstone” types. They silently pursue their lives with fierce determination, and never lose focus. the best cologne will be a fun, light, and even strange scent to wake up their spirits to new possibilities. Cult or indie perfumes with an under-the-radar following are ideal.

We suggest: Desert Blush by Raw Spirit Fragrances

Aquarian men are the idealists, the rebels, and the fighters in astrology. They are fearlessly creative, and love championing lost causes. Airy, light, ethereal scents with lots of mint, geranium, and powdery accents are ideal to create an olfactory Happy Place for Aquarian idealists.

We suggest: The Architects Club by Arquiste

Emotional integrity, communication, and authenticity define the Piscean man, so a cologne that keeps them on the lighter, happier, even sweeter side of life is best. Light citrus, vanilla notes, and subtle spices work well.

We suggest: Happy for Men by Clinique


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