2019 Perfume Picks for Every Zodiac Sign

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2019 Perfume Picks for Every Zodiac Sign

Aries Perfume Horoscope

Aries women are confident and passionate, but may also be moody and impulsive at times. For those astrological moments when you feel you’re not being taken seriously enough, it may be good to have a fragrant mood enhancer on hand to smooth out the day’s edges.  Smoky, earthy notes like patchouli and black pepper mixed with light citrus are fantastic for Aries women.

We suggest: Cannabis by Malin + Goetz

Taurus Horoscope

Taureans are very close to the Earth – practical, romantic, and hands-on. They can also be possessive and maybe a little stubborn. Taurean women need a fragrance that allows them to loosen up a little, and get a little crazy, without losing their tender romantic side.

We suggest: Bijou Romantique by Libre D’Orange

Perfume Horoscope Gemini

Gemini’s are all about gentleness and adaptability. Their motto is: “go along to get along.” What a Gemini needs in a fragrance is something bold and spicy, that can do the talking for her when she’d rather chill with the crowd.

We suggest: Fatale Intense by Agent Provocateur

Perfume Horoscope Cancer

Women born in Cancer are some of the most empathetic, but private people you’ll ever meet. They keep their own counsel, preferring to “be there for others” and are fiercely loyal to family and friends. The natural empathy in Cancer deserves a perfume to amplify the moment when you allow yourself to get close and let your guard down.  And rose scents do this better than any other fragrance.

We suggest: Sensuous Nude by Estee Lauder


If you’re born a Leo, you’re a born leader. Leos are the “Kings and Queens of the Jungle” – scintillating, charismatic, and warm-hearted, but used to being the center of attention without question. Leos need a softer scent to tone down their inner “take charge” attitude, and enjoy letting someone else lead.

We suggest: Jamaica by Nateeva


Virgo women are careful, practical, and methodical. They cross their “T’s” and dot their “I’”’s on the regular, and believe they are the better for it. Their desire to attend to every last detail deserves recognition with a fragrance that has the same meticulous perfection as its calling card.

We suggest: Jubilation XXV Woman by Amouage


Libra’s symbol is the balanced scale, and Libra women believe in justice, fairness, and diplomacy over sudden emotional outbursts and impulsive decisions. A Libra woman will be best complemented by a scent where emotional calm is balanced by a quick hit of racy spice.

We suggest: Midnight Fleur by Nest Fragrances


Scorpios are the “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” sign. They are women who revel in experiencing sensual pleasures and the full range of their emotions, but who also know when to keep it on the DL when necessary for themselves and those close to them. The astrological secret keeper sign needs a scent infused with the same sense of protective intimacy.

We suggest: La Mia Perla by La Perla


Sagittarians are the life of the party. Generous, funny, boisterous and in-your-face, Sagittarius women have no problem with bringing their own spotlight with them to any occasion. Sagittarians are bold, beautiful, and badass and so should their signature scent.

We suggest: Carven L’Absolu by Carven Parfums


Capricorns are the responsible type. They are disciplined, have excellent self-control, and keep things moving and well-organized. However, they can also get irritated easily, and may come off as women who are impossible to please. A woman who can Do It All needs a scent to remind her that she doesn’t have to always carry the weight of the world on her shoulders.

We suggest: Walk on Air by Kate Spade


Aquarians are the intellectuals of the zodiac. They value helping others with their expertise, and are often eccentric, original thinkers. What Aquarian women might be drawn to is a scent that is as intellectually challenging as it is beautiful on the skin.

We suggest: You or Someone Like You by Etat Libre D’Orange


Pisceans are the dreamers of the world. They are artistic, visionary, and endlessly giving of their time and emotion to friends and projects. They can also get over-extended and need to occasionally “shut down” to preserve their inner strength. Pisces women could use a fragrance with a steady, creative pulse to match their own and inspire them.

We suggest:  18 La Lune by Dolce & Gabbana


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