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New Year, New Skincare for 20195 min read

01/08/2019 4 min read
Dana Karlson


New Year, New Skincare for 20195 min read

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Ready to give your skin a boost this year? As part of our mission to make it easier to personalize your beauty or grooming routine, Scentbird has created six unique body cream formulas to help you start 2019 off right.

The concept was simple: we set out to create skin salves for every skin type. So, we started with texture, developing a range of products that covered a range of skin types. Whether you prefer lightweight serums,  cloud-like lotions, or intensely rich creams, this collection offers myriad benefits for your skin. Our full-sized body cream is included in all subscriptions, and retails for $20 if you’re not a member.

Starting with three all-new scents, here’s a rundown of the Body Cream Collection by Scentbird:

Bergamot & Pomelo Silky Body Lotion:

Citrusy notes of peppery bergamot paired with juicy pomelo will leave your skin feeling fresh and dewy. Features bergamot essential oil, pomelo extract, Vitamins C and B5, folded into a silky texture.

Try this: if you can’t get enough citrus. It the thought of orange groves washed with fresh air awakens your senses, well, you’ll understand where our team was heading with this one. Plus, the texture is lightweight and seriously moisturizing.

Neroli & Orange Blossom Moisturizing Cloud Mousse:

Floral orange blossom tinged with vibrant neroli creates a playful yet sensual fragrance on the skin. Formulated with nourishing Vitamins B5 and C, neroli essential oil, and orange blossom extract, this one helps remove impurities and promote blemish-free skin.

Try this: If you’re all about airy-light floral scents. If go in for intensely nourishing night creams, our cloud mousse is your beauty BFF. Rich, hydrating and oh-so smooth, Neroli & Orange Blossom is a dream.

Pomegranate & Basil Daily Moisture Cream:

A juicy burst of pomegranate, cut with fresh basil. An invigorating blend of Vitamins A and C, pomegranate seed oil, and basil leaf extract that soothes and moisturizes skin.

Try this: Scent snobs, this one’s for you: Pomegranate & Basil is an expert blend for those who prefer exotic, intoxicating fragrances. If you love Scentbird’s hand cream, you’ll go crazy over our Daily Moisture formula, which is a pretty close match (and perfect for the whole body).

Rose & Prosecco Airy Body Cream:

Blending Vitamins A and C, rosewater, and grapeseed oil, this one protects and nourishes skin while the light-weight formula sinks in fast to lock in moisture.

Try this: This iconic scent has been part of Scentbird’s repertoire since launch. Our Airy Body Cream is super hydrating (just like its shower counterpart ) and lasts for hours!

Refreshing Cucumber & Lotus Refreshing Body Sorbet:

Packed with Vitamins B5 and C, cucumber and lotus flower extracts, our sorbet boasts a unique cooling formula.

Try this: Cucumber is a perennial scent fave, and is a must-have for men and women. Plus, the body sorbet is lightweight, like a serum, and slightly cooling, which means it feels ah-mazing on the skin.

Coconut & Sugar Nourishing Body Soufflé:

Packed with Vitamins C and E, and infused with coconut water and coconut oil, leaving skin feeling soft to touch.

Try this: Coconut & Sugar is totally delicious with just a touch of sweetness. It’s also insanely moisturizing, because: coconut.

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