A Note to Know: Neroli



A Note to Know: Neroli

To get the most out of your perfume-smelling experience, having a little knowledge about individual notes can be fun and helpful.  The more exposure you get to how different notes interact will reveal more complexity and nuance in a fragrance, and let you be “in on the plot” a little more.  

We’ve decided to highlight the work from the the NYC fashion and fragrance brand, rag & bone, because their fine fragrance line is tailor-made for getting to know individual perfume notes, and does so in an engaging, fresh, and creative way.

What IS Neroli?

Neroli oil is a pale yellow essential oil with a bright, citrusy energy which is steam-distilled from bitter orange trees (citrus aurantium) for use in perfumery. The story goes that it is named after Anna-Marie de Nerola, an Italian aristocrat who was fond of wearing the oil in 17th century Europe.

How Does Neroli Display in a Fragrance? 

Neroli by rag & bone starts with a silky layer of soft jasmine tea, pink pepper, and lemon. Underneath, neroli’s bright, orange citrus heart note rises, accented with plush orange blossom.  The jasmine tea and lemon prepare your palette for a softer texture, and telegraph the heart’s soft, plush citrus. The pink pepper’s fire contrasts the quilted feel of the orange notes. The dry down introduces the rich sweetness of both honey and Bourbon vanilla, and a shining musk note.  The lively musk supports the acidic zing of the citrus, while the honey and Bourbon vanilla allow the top notes and neroli heart to pop out vividly against their tempting fullness.

Notes Similar to Neroli:

Check out petitgrain, bergamot, mandarin orange, blood orange, orange blossom, linden blossom, and honeysuckle fragrances offered on Scentbird here.

What Does Neroli Pair Best with in a Fragrance?

Neroli’s sunny personality will shine best against lavender, rosemary, and other aromatics. It also is a zesty counterpart to smoky, resinous notes like benzoin. The Eau de Cologne style of men’s scent is where you’ll encounter this note most often, as well as in light feminine florals, usually as a supporting note.



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