Fresh, Clean and Cozy: Three of the Best Linden Blossom Perfumes

Linden Blossom Perfumes


Fresh, Clean and Cozy: Three of the Best Linden Blossom Perfumes

Alright peeps, it’s time to talk about one of the loveliest, softest and most inviting notes in all of perfumery:  the linden blossom. Perfumes highlighting this note will be the freshest, brightest, and pillowy-soft fragrances you can wear year round.

Linden blossom is a very light and airy note, and offers a bright green edge layeredwith honey-like undertones. It works well with citruses as well as other florals, and it’s pulsing, green, stemmy feel joyously energizes the senses.

And before you think linden perfumes are automatically on the “girly-girl” side of fragrance, men can also wear linden perfumes – they carry an aura of effortless sophistication, and are the pinnacle of the “fresh, clean” style in floral perfume.

And as linden is such a soft and subtle note, it naturally will heighten any other notes around it, while still maintaining its own character on the skin. Perfumers use this subtlety to take linden fragrances in any number of exhilarating directions – here are a few that go from light to spicy that shouldn’t be missed if you’re looking for a classic perfume.

Linden at Its Lightest

Raymond Matts – Maiaday

Raymond Matts Maiaday@2XMaiaday is a poetic poem to a stand of linden trees in bloom. Imagine what being able to walk into Monet’s water lily paintings might smell like, or the scent of falling asleep in a spreading meadow of warm grasses as a light breeze passes overhead. Designer Raymond Matts has fashioned a dewdrop of a perfume, and captures the drowsy, pale-green appeal of linden blossoms wonderfully. This is a great scent to start with if you’ve never tried a linden fragrance before.

Linden for Powdery Floral Lovers

Kate Spade – Walk on Air

Walk On Air By Kate SpadeLinden also has a giddy, almost fluffy powder-like facet which allows it to complement other powdery   notes like violet and iris, but without the melancholy feel.

Kate Spade’s Walk on Air showcases this wonderfully, as linden blossom is paired with neroli, bergamot and fern at the top, and the opening is like waking up in fresh sheets at a five-star hotel, with your pillowcases infused with a sachet of citrus. The acidity of the citrus sparkles and glows as it rises off the featherbed of powdered warmth that the linden lays out.

The heart of Walk on Air is a trio of white flowers, including jasmine, lily and magnolia, and each of these add their own bright, sweet and spicy facets to the linden’s soft texture. In return, it sharpens their individual character, and the heart’s floral bouquet instead becomes a still life featuring each flower in its own frame.

Walk on Air is a linden scent for fresh linen lovers, or anyone who loves the scent of warm cotton straight from the dryer or clothesline. There’s a warm, cozy, “burrow back into the sheets on Saturday” vibe to this perfume that shouldn’t be missed.

Linden on the Spicier Side

Oscar de la Renta – Something Blue

Oscar De La Renta Something BlueLinden blossoms love being contrasted with spicier notes as well. Their soft, billowing nature can lift up any spice and show off its lighter or more piquant side.

Something Blue starts off like Walk on Air, with a stuffed mattress of linden and citrus notes, but the allure of this perfume comes from a lychee note in the heart paired with ambrette seeds and bourbon vanilla. Tropical, juicy sweetness spiked with dry licorice facets, with the floating, soaring linden note underneath it all.

It’s a gorgeous, mysterious scent with sweet, floral, spicy and warm elements that make it a perfect wedding scent.And not only for the title, but it’s just right for a new bride standing at the altar who wants to show the world and her fiancé everything she wants to be also.


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