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Required Reading List: Back to School Scents Guide – How to Score an A+ for Style

Back To School Scents

Required Reading List: Back to School Scents Guide – How to Score an A+ for Style

Back on campus? Show your class, score an A+ for your Back to School style with our guide to what perfumes are must-have this term. Consider it your required reading list.

From the idiosyncratic citrusy treat to the oldie but goldie floral collab, these three perfumes have major scents appeal.

Just a little reminder

One of the first lessons in mastering the art of school style is actually class. Class as in striving in stylish excellence. In order to show your style, you do not need to shove it under other people’s noses. If you wear strong, party or date night perfume, you may actually rub someone’s nose the wrong way.

This is why school appropriate perfumes are in the same category as office appropriate scents. These need to be light and stay close to the skin. Just like the ones we have on our list. So let’s begin this guide on the right note:

Moschino Fresh Couture by Moschino

Moschino Fresh Couture By MoschinoI am seriously crushing on Moschino Fresh Couture, big time: this is a perfume to wear with your chill style outfit to up your casual game.

It starts off all euphoric but tender, with fresh citrusy mandarin and bergamot accompanied by exotic ylang-ylang. Tantalizing raspberry spurs up the mellow floral heart of white peony and osmanthus. The base ruffles up the floral petals with deep, warm layer, courtesy of clear woods, white patchouli and ambrox.

It’s scented projection is soft and stays close to skin, like a carefully selected jewelry piece that accentuates your master-class.

Reisa by Truly Yours Parfums

Reisa By Truly Yours ParfumsFeeling the girlie vibes but you’re afraid to go full-on floral? Reisa will show you that floral in the perfumery world isn’t a synonym for mature.

Citrusy floral with a woodsy base, Reisa opens with a bright cocktail of sparkling Italian bergamot and lime blossom oils. The soft, evocative heart comes next, wherein a charming floral accord is revealed through rich notes of tuberose, orange blossom, jasmine and stargazer lily. The finishing touch is enriched with woody oud, sweet vanilla and earthy patchouli providing warmth, sensuality and depth.

Romantic and lovely, it pairs well with Shakespeare and Bronte sisters.

Fiori Vince Camuto by Vince Camuto

FioriSet your sights on utmost stylishness, cos I’ve edited the most beautiful soft perfume I think you’ll want to add to your Scentbird queue immediately.

Fiori Vince Camuto by Vince Camuto is a powdery warm, floral feminine and delightfully mysterious scent, perfect for the women who love to be veiled by an aura of mysteriousness, leaving plenty of room for filling in the blanks left by their presence.

Fiori Vince Camuto’s intoxicating, sweet soothing character opens with a spectacular flush of Bellini cocktail and sugary nectarine, a juicy summer delight that leads effortlessly into a delicate white floral heart sweetened with iris blossom.

The base rounds up this gorgeous fragrant journey with a sensual embrace consisted of creamy sandalwood and blue cedar.


You’re already sexy, confident, and relaxed. Now it’s time to up your scent game.
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