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Jump-Starting Your Perfume Palate with Niche Fragrances

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Jump-Starting Your Perfume Palate with Niche Fragrances

Building a world-class fragrance collection is harder than it looks. 

In an industry with hundreds of new releases a year, it’s still pretty easy to get stuck in a rut from smelling the Same Old, Same Old and your initial love of scent might fade a little bit over time.  If you don’t keep trying out new combinations and challenging your sense of smell, your nose will get too used to your favorite fragrances and you won’t be able to tell you even are wearing them!

Niche perfumes are one of the all-time best ways to regain your mojo and remember what made wearing perfume so fun in the first place.  Niche lines still have all the drama and luxury that the designer lines do, only they’re from a more bespoke source.  Niche lines don’t have to cover the volume that large designer brands do, so they can release more personal and unique takes on fragrance styles and genres.

In short, they’re fun, interesting, and unusual and the best lines are well-deserving of your time.  Check out some of these scents and re-discover the endless creativity happening away from the mainstream spotlight.  All of these fragrances can be worn by both sexes and will add something unique and specific to a man or a woman’s style profile.

Foxglove by Joya

Foxglove Porcelain Bottle

Frederick Bouchardy’s NYC-based Joya Studio offers an artistic vision that goes beyond simple boundaries to offer stunning and fresh perspectives on design and fragrance.  Foxglove is a wondrous blend of honeyed jasmine, blood orange, salt meadow grass, and musk.  It’s sweet, green, and smells like a magic spell.  Even better – it’s a roll-on, which means this addictive scent is never far away.

Nieuw Amsterdam by Atelier Bloem

Nieuw Amsterdam By Atelier Bloem

Amsterdam is one of the finest cities in the world for flowers.  There’s a floating market in the city with blooms from everywhere in the world, and their combined fragrance becomes absolutely otherworldly.  Atelier Bloem’s scent poem to this floral abundance is a one-of-a-kind, ultra-sophisticated perfume overflowing with rose, ginger, oud, and musk.  And the texture is softer than spun silk.

Assam of India by Berdoues

Assam Of India

When your scent palate goes to asleep from rocking your favorite fragrances every day, a strong tea scent is what’s needed to re-energize your senses.  Assam of India features strong black tea laced with zesty lemon floating on a polished honeyed sandalwood base that is the stuff daydreams are made from.  Assam India will both lift your spirits and calm your soul at the same time.

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