Assam of India
Berdoues Assam of India
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Rebottled Assam of India, rebottled by Scentbird, Inc., an independent bottler from a genuine product wholly independent of Berdoues
Scentbird, Inc., New York, NY 10001
Black Tea Lemon Sandalwood
Assam of India is a delightful, black tea with lemon scent that is both comforting and exotically spicy. The tea note is full, tannic and strong, perfectly complemented by the buoyancy of the pure lemon citrus. The tea and citrus combination is instantly addictive and inviting. There’s a touch of Mysore sandalwood in the drydown that just makes Assam of India that much more delicious to wear. A drop of honeyed sweetness in all the dry, herbal zest.
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