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New Deck of Scarlet Palettes Dropped On Scentbird


New Deck of Scarlet Palettes Dropped On Scentbird

We’re kicking off 2019 with a bang. Yesterday, we launched our first full range of  body cream (read all about it here), and now we’ve got two Deck of Scarlet palettes to unveil.

Amethyst Crush palette is powerful, decadent and fierce – perfect for all those in favor of electing purple to replace pink this year. The seven shades are a mix of mattes, shimmers, and metallics, all featuring velvety formulas that glide on effortlessly (so, great for blending).

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Amethyst Crush palette

Made in collaboration with makeup maven Belle Jorden, Amethyst Crush is a burst of amethyst mixed with pinked up purples and warm nudes, an ultra-femme palette packed with lush, deluxe hues in silky smooth textures. Supernova bursts across the eye, Crush sweeps on all dreamy, while Drama heats up in the crease. Like all your dirty little secrets, Whisper and Shhhh have your cheeks covered. Lips are plump and totally Tempting with a kiss of fiery Passion or creamy neutral pout. Fierce hues, flawless finish, makeup like a pro 24/7 — wherever you go.

Longing to heat up your makeup game? Check out Desert Vibes, designed to conjure steamy days and hotter nights. Each of these shades boasts a scorched shimmer finish.  

The artist in chief for this edition was Raven Elyse. Here are all the deets:

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Desert Vibes palette

Driving into the desert at sunset, the horizon flames with the fiercest hues, distilled into our latest edition. Eyes are on fire with Ziya, a scorched coppery-rose loaded with shimmer, perfect for day or night. Bomb goes on velvety smooth in the crease and smokes out the eye with charred metallic embers, while Vibes takes on the color of rolling sand dunes. As evening unleashes its magic, Bae sears the cheek while a sweep of Lit-erally catches the moonlight. Coat the lips in Shambles, a singed nude hue, or go sinfully seductive in Rant. Explore uncharted opulence, let your beauty blaze.

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