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Rebottled Carven Vetiver, rebottled by Scentbird, Inc., an independent bottler from a genuine product wholly independent of Carven Parfums
Scentbird, Inc., New York, NY 10001
Vetiver Lemon Oakmoss Myrrh Petitgrain
"In 1957, a love story of scent was written by Madame Carven when she created a men’s fragrance for her first husband, Philippe Mallet, called Vétiver. Known as perfumery’s first scent to bank on this rare raw material as its signature, Vétiver was developed by Madame Carven and perfumer Edouard Hache. This purely refined juice is intensely addictive and often imitated in the industry, yet never duplicated. To celebrate the debut of Carven’s newest men’s scent, Pour Homme, Carven Parfums reintroduces the timeless Vétiver in new magnetic neon green lacquered packaging channeling Madame Carven’s most beloved hue and brand signature, “Everything I love is green,” the profoundly modern designer once proclaimed. The fragrance remains unchanged and continues to be a classic men’s cult favorite.
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Carven Vetiver by Carven Parfums Reviews

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Not as good as other Vetiver's but it is usable.
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I did not like this scent.
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Amazing, smokey, vetiver.
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Starts off a burnt plastic, drys down to a mix between hand soap and some form of powder. Maybe I'm just not a Vetiver guy.
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This is a beautiful vetiver scent. It starts very smoky and intense, but drys down to a nice clean scent. Love it!!
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Light Vetiver scent with subtle Citrus notes. Reminds me of a tropical paradise.
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Not my favorite
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