One of life’s most striking features is how differently each of us approaches it. We pursue varied interests and different goals, however, certain exceptional personality traits are linked to people born in January, which undoubtedly influences their choice of fragrance.

Check out the shared traits of those born in the first month of the year, and their olfactory matches:

  • Perseverance: Born in the first month of the year, these individuals know that hard-work, focus and patience are the basic requisites for success.
  • Observant: Spontaneity is not a characteristic often associated with January babies. That’s because every decision, every action is a result of careful and meticulous planning.
  • Ambitious: Diligent and driven, they are highly productive in their field of expertise.
  • Friendly and loyal: Because of their reserved demeanor, they make friends much slower than others. But these friendships last forever.

Olfactory match: TOCCA Cleopatra for her and EIGHT & BOB Memoires De Mustique for him

TOCCA Cleopatra for her

Inspired by ancient times when beauty rituals were a majestic ceremony that united the body and the soul, this perfume is suitable for all women who take action in the name of love. A mesmerizing fusion of succulent grapefruit and cucumber laid on a floral heart, the perfume is warmed by patchouli, golden amber and vanilla musk.

Why you’ll love it: A strong and sexy scent, it will be your instant confidence booster. A truly lush fragrance that works year round. The best first-date choice.

EIGHT & BOB Memoires De Mustique for him

This is a hauntingly irresistible woody scent. A fragile white floral heart smooths out the citrus notes. Warm woody notes, amber and white musk mingle on your skin, transporting you to paradise, or in other words: Mustique.

Why you will love it: Exotic yet subdued, this is the cologne you wear at work during winter months. Just one whiff and you’ll inhale the warmth of Mustique all around.

Olfactory match: Since self-motivation is one of the key aspects of your personality, if you ever need a scented booster, reach for CARVEN PARFUMS Carven Le Parfum for her and THIRDMAN Eau Inexplicable for him.

CARVEN PARFUMS Carven Le Parfum for her: The fragrance is super sexy and effortlessly chic. An understated French number, Carven Le Parfum is an elegant complement to your natural style. Wear it on those nights you want to smell your absolute best.

THIRDMAN Eau Inexplicable for him: This is a cologne with a twist, replacing citrusy notes with spices and green herbs. Eau Inexplicable is a curious and uncanny example of a light fragrance for men. Wear it when you need an extra spray of energy to start your day.


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