Perfume of the Month: Simone by TOCCA

Perfume of the Month: Simone by TOCCA

Scentbird is proud to announce that a new “Tocca Girl” has been added to our catalog.

We’d like to introduce you to Simone, who’s all about trips to the Farmer’s Market for picnic food (red apple and watermelon in the top notes), and finding the perfect coastal hang to enjoy that hand-picked feast (fresh, green facets at the start of the scent).

Simone’s a free-spirited beachcomber, who loves to swim and surf on Australia’s Bondi Beach, after she spent some time travelling in Southeast Asia (ylang ylang, freesia, rose and frangipani in the heart).

But she’s never too sophisticated or snobbish. In fact, her travels have only made her more approachable and easy to talk to (amber, blonde woods and musks in the base).

Simone by TOCCA is an excellent choice for a laid-back, but fresh and engaging perfume that will transition well from spring into summer. And the zingy top notes will smell even better if your local beach has wild roses growing nearby.

Here’s a quick snapshot of Simone’s girl crew also, if you haven’t had a chance to meet them yet:

Colette: Simone’s older, more serious best friend. She’s sweet, but sharp (mandarin, lemon, juniper, pink pepper top notes). Colette’s also got a very traditional side, coupled with a warm, inviting spirituality (violet and cyclamen in the heart, with vanilla and incense in the base).

Stella: Stella is Simone’s moody and flirtatious friend. She enjoys riding through the streets of Rome on the back of her boyfriend’s vespa (blood orange and lily for top notes, and white diamond orchid in the heart). But underneath her feisty exterior is an open and caring soul (sandalwood and musk in the base).

Florence: Florence is the old soul of Simone’s group. She values sophistication and poise above all else (bergamot and violet top notes, with blue iris in the heart). But like all the Tocca Girls, she’s always happy to see you. (Blonde woods in the base).

Cleopatra: Cleo is the bold wild child. She’s captivating (grapefruit top note), and seductive (jasmine and tuberose in the heart). She’s got a magnetic charm that makes her hard to resist (amber, patchouli and vanilla base notes).

Giulietta: Giulietta is the romantic dreamer of the Tocca clan. She’s always trying new things, and new ways to define her personality (rose, ylang ylang, green apple and pink tulip top notes). She also believes in the ultimate love story (lily, iris, lilac and heliotrope in the heart). But she’s also a Tocca Girl, which means she’s loyal and sweet, but with a playful sense of humor (cedar, sandalwood and amber base notes.)

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Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson
Steve is a perfume addict, writer and actor who lives for scent and its seduction of Mankind. His wife says he smells like a rainbow.
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    Scrub is a nice soft texture is a beautiful light scent.


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