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A Note to Know: Leather2 min read

01/31/2019 3 min read

A Note to Know: Leather2 min read

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There’s nothing like the smell and comfort of a trusty leather jacket. It’s a go-anywhere piece, looking good no matter the season, and it also gets better with age.

There are countless moods and memories that leather evokes, so we decided to explore this perfumery note and discuss which scents showcase it best.

In order to mask the unpleasant aroma of hides, preserve the animal skin, and at the same time hide the remnants of tanning, in the early 16th century the leather workers smeared the skin with various scented essences.

During the French renaissance, a Parisian glove-manufacturing company scented leather goods with musks, civet, or ambergris oils, which became popular with the aristocracy.

Russian and Spanish master craftsmen took on this practice of scenting skins. The Spanish experimented with fruits and flowers, while the Russians preferred the sharp scent of smoky birch.

This is exactly what makes the aroma of leather unique and versatile. Leather perfumes can be smoky, woody, animalic, floral and even fruity.

Here, we explore few of our favorite leather fragrances:

Cuirs by Carner Barcelona

This scent from Carner Barcelona evokes luxury with exotic oud.

Sara Carner, founder of the Barcelona-born brand, told Scentbird how Cuirs, which translates as leather in Spanish was created:

My great grandfather started a leather business back in the 19th century. During my childhood I was surrounded by the smells of tanned leather and wood barrels, and these distinct aromas were the inspiration for my perfume CUIRS, a tribute to the world of Spanish Leather”.

The unisex composition opens with spicy blend of saffron and caraway. Sandalwood, patchouli, and violet fill in the heart, while oud and leather add a touch of exoticism at the base. It can be worn day to night and is perfect for burning the candle at both ends!

Interlude Woman by Amouage

Interlude Woman is an intense fragrance, making it the ideal date for cold winter nights. It has a rich cocktail of kiwi, walnut and smoky incense that work  harmoniously with base notes of vanilla, honey and suede.

The leather note relaxes the sweetness of the vanilla-honey blend, creating an unusual yet sophisticated aroma that seduces the senses.

True Lust by Etat Libre d`Orange

Bold leather  is splashed with rum and sprinkled with violets in Etat Libre d’Orange animalic-floral scent. The fragrance is enhanced with sandalwood, evening out the brightness with a flush of warmth. Wear, love, repeat.

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