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4 Of The Most Uplifting Neroli Fragrances


4 Of The Most Uplifting Neroli Fragrances

Neroli oil, distilled from bitter orange trees (citrus aurantium) has a citrusy aroma that’s pivotal to many of the most vibrant fragrances that have ever been produced. The oil has the undenying zing that all citrus notes lend to a fragrance, with an added honeyed accord that subdues the tartness. 

The story goes that it is named after Anna-Marie de Nerola, an Italian aristocrat who was fond of wearing the oil in 17th century Europe. Here we’ve compiled the best renditions of neroli in a fragrance form: 

Juliette Has a Gun Anyway

Anyway By Juliette Has A Gun

Fact: Anyway should be your scented start-the-day/seize-the-day gusto! Here’s why:

Built around romantic and uncomplicated accords, Anyway steals your heart with the freshest of notes. Lime and neroli are loud and roar, but jasmine tames the citrusy thunder by dominating the heart, while the dry down is reserved for musk, hedione and ambrox molecules. 

Anyway was made to adapt to your every style and provide you with a sassy and fresh scent that lasts throughout the day.

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Philosophy Pure Grace Nude Rose

Pure Grace Nude Rose

A neroli nestled within a bouquet of fresh rose petals, alongside orange blossom and musk,  Pure Grace Nude Rose is uplifting, arresting and graceful. It’s so addictive, we predict you’ll be adding it to your queue again the moment your first vial arrives at your doorstep. 

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Tory Burch Tory Burch Perfume

Tory Burch Perfume

Tory Burch Perfume is a petal-powered beauty and mood booster even in the midst of the heat of the concrete jungle: delicately balancing the vibrant scent of citruses with that of the flowers to make your day-and your skin smell amazing. 

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Dolce & Gabbana Dolce

Dolce Gabbana

A light, floral scent from Dolce & Gabbana’s Dolce collection, Dolce coaxes out neroli’s freshest side. The trio of white amaryllis, narcissus and white water lily lures Dolce to the powdery side, but the cashmere and musk unison keep the scent soft and alluring.  

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