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Rebottled Anyway, rebottled by Scentbird, Inc., an independent bottler from a genuine product wholly independent of Juliette Has A Gun
Scentbird, Inc., New York, NY 10001
Lime Musk Ambroxan Neroli Jasmine
Juliette Has a Gun does it again with a stunning skin scent that will be instantly familiar to fans of their enormously popular anti-perfume, Not a Perfume. Anyway is a simple formula of musky and airy accords serenely floating above a slight hint of jasmine, lime and neroli essences. There is nothing sharp or dramatic here – this perfume is blended with a watercolor brush, with each note overlapping one another effortlessly. The sensual effect is drowsy and magical – the scent’s sheer, trancelike aura of tart, sparkling citrus lowers you gently into a jasmine-infused, pillowy soft ambience that is both playful and intimate. Great romances are born from surrender. That timid, tremendous moment when you give yourself to another with a tender bravery only lovers know. With this scent, Juliette Has a Gun has created a vulnerable, haunting and utterly gorgeous perfume, for when true love means there’s nothing left to hide.
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Anyway description

Perfumes are often worn like magic invisible talismans around our necks, there to grant us power and confidence, and make our shadows loom larger than life. And as much as we all love how scent can create a sexy aura of mystery around us, sometimes what we truly need is to be vulnerable, and trust that staying open to the world is the best way to experience life.

Juliette Has a Gun’s Anyway is one of the softest, lightest and entrancing perfumes they have in their line. It’s a study in perfumery asking the mind to conjure what the scent only hints at, and thereby making the few notes there are so much more intense and symbolic. This perfume knows that true intimacy isn’t born from drama and urgency, but from the softest whisper uttered in the perfect moment.

It also happens to be the sheerest skin scent imaginable. It’s an ethereal, ephemeral will o’ the wisp fragrance trailing vaporous essences of neroli and lime, with a hidden drop of jasmine and a dash of musky ambroxan to anchor it down.

What it does on the skin is electrifying, however. The neroli and lime unfurl like slow incense, weaving in and out of the air, seen and unseen, felt and then forgotten. Only to reappear in another moment to capture your attention in a sensuously distracting game of hide and seek.

Behind these ghostly reminders is a sweet, quick hit of bewitching jasmine absolute, like a silk strand flicked tightly across the back of your neck. The musky drydown glows and shimmers, a cool invitation to explore the skin after the warm, sudden flash of jasmine releases it.

Anyway is a deceptively vulnerable scent infused with an undeniable purpose. A perfume for seductive slight-of-hand artists, where it waits softly hidden up the magician’s satin sleeve, or tucked inside the curve of her neck. It is a scent to wear when no scent is necessary, and there’s nothing left to hide between you and your lover.

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Smells just like Grace from Philosophy
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I really like a lot of the Juliette has a gun perfumes. I like this fragrance but it's just a little too strong for me, so that's the only reason I'm not giving it a 5.
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A nice "sassy" and crisp scent. The only reason I give it 4 and not 5 stars is that it has too much citrus undertones for me.
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