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Your Monday to Friday Cologne Strategy

Monday To Friday Cologne


Your Monday to Friday Cologne Strategy

The weather is all over the place these days, luckily your scent doesn’t have to be. We’ve rounded up the five colognes to keep you smelling amazing from Monday through Friday (we’ll leave the weekend up to you!).


Conquer the dreadful Monday blues with a scented (sp)ray of sunshine: A zesty top note of mandarin orange, a spicy heart of cardamom mixed with pimento to hit full throttle and a discreet cashmere wood and musk accord in the dry-down to get in the right mood.

Burberry Burberry Brit For Men Eau De ToiletteTUESDAY: BURBERRY Burberry Brit for Men

A fusion of essential classical notes injected with energy and floral mix, Brit arrives at a fresh, spicy aroma that is grounded with a natural warmth.

The juxtaposition between tangy ginger and fresh citrus defines this iconic scent. Finished with nutmeg and English rose, this is eccentric mix makes Brit a perennial favorite.

Eau Profonde ThirdmanWEDNESDAY: THIRDMAN Eau Profonde

Equal parts Middle Eastern spicy and Mediterranean citrusy, this exotic blend is soothing and vigorous. The citrus notes give bite to sophisticated neroli and notes of woods and ambergris.

Eau Profonde is potent but discreet, quiet enough for the office yet bold enough to turn heads after work.

Bentley For Men Azure By BentleyTHURSDAY: BENTLEY Bentley for Men Azure

An olfactory heavyweight, for sure,Bentley for Men Azure surprises right from the start.

The fragrance opens with juicy pineapple, then unveils aromatic heart notes of paprika, a subtle earthiness that’s warmed with tea and clary sage and sweetened with a dash of lavender. Designed to sketch an impression, the dry-down is non-intrusive and versatile, with cashmere and tonka bean putting the finishing touches to your new favorite cologne.

English Laundry Signature@2XFRIDAY: ENGLISH LAUNDRY Signature for Him

Vibrant, modern and distinctive, ENGLISH LAUNDRY’s Signature for Him is well on its way to becoming an olfactive classic. Top notes of bergamot, lemon, lavender and cedar add lively freshness and instant lightness. The spiciness of nutmeg and coriander inject a clear fragrant energy, which then settles to sandalwood, vetiver, musk and amber at the base of the cologne.

Signature for Him illuminates on the skin stimulated by the warmth of your body and the notion that is Friday. Finally.


You’re already sexy, confident, and relaxed. Now it’s time to up your scent game.
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