Let’s face it, the dos and don’t of wearing fragrance are unique to each of us. How and where you like to spray – and certainly how often you spray – is all a matter of personal preference, right? Well, to an extent. There are a few things we like to keep in mind to ensure we’re smelling our best whenever ever possible. That’s why we teamed up with Antonio, of Real Men Real Style, for a quick and easy run-down on how to smell great in all situations.

According to Antonio, 80 percent of men do not regularly wear cologne (say it isn’t so), and while these tips pertain to cologne, Real Men Real Style notes that the only difference between what we refer to as cologne or perfume, is only a matter of fragrance concentration (eau de toilette is more concentrated than cologne – in case you were wondering).

Where to apply, when and how the fragrance mixes with your own body composition are all covered in this quick video. Take a look and let us know how you spray.

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