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Cologne Noir: Coming Out of Winter Shadows

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Cologne Noir: Coming Out of Winter Shadows

This spring’s noir fragrances signal the resurgence of intriguing, deep smoky scents perfect for special events. Created to unearth a darker alternative to fresh, light colognes, these fragrances leave a strong impression.

Here we’ve got the shortlist of the four noir scents that will shed light and expose your sensuous nature hidden beneath.

Bleu Noir for Him

Bleu Noir envelops its wearer with a bold nutmeg accord that’s perfectly matched with cardamom – intense and spicy – and announces itself at first whiff. The transition into the musky heart is seamless. The warm, dark woody base of amber, blue cedar and black ebony seduce the senses with lustful aroma.

Tom Ford Noir EDT

Noir EDT is surprising and alluring scented tonic. The warm medley of spice and oriental notes is soft; the dark antidote to vibrantly light citrusy opening.

Although classified as woody composition, the spiciness never fully evaporates, but instead mingles with the rest of the base notes. The middle has a strong peppery vibe that remains dark and resinous, without a hint of sweetness, which is often associated with warm accords.

Eau De Lacoste L.12.12 Noir

Eau De Lacoste L.12.12 Noir opens with juicy top notes of watermelon, but this lightness is soon cut through with the spiciness of the basil note and the warming scent of lavender.

Finally, the deep base notes including dark chocolate intertwines with patchouli and cashmeran wood– to give a textual warmth. Together these three base notes both complement and contrast against each other, allowing the dualities of the scent to unfold.

Encre Noire Sport

Encre Noire Sport is a special, refreshing edition of Lalique’s Encre Noir classic.

Extremely suitable for competitive souls, this cologne packs plenty of freshness with a drop of playfulness; where grapefruit, vetiver and aquatic notes get a surprising addition to the mix in the form of bourbon vetiver and cashmere woods notes.


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