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New to Scentbird: philosophy

Philosophy Fragrance


New to Scentbird: philosophy

If you’re looking for a fragrance line that has a little more going on than just making sure you look and smell amazing, philosophy is an excellent place to start. They are an uplifting company with an aura of gratitude and wellness woven into all their products. Their fragrances are no exception. Each philosophy fragrance offers a modern, clean, and elegant blend that is as comforting as it is surprising.

Scentbird is very delighted to share these scents with our subscribers, and here’s a taste of what you’ll experience in sampling their wonderful fragrances:

Amazing Grace

amazing grace:
Modern simplicity meets timeless beauty and warmth. Fresh bergamot, delicate muguet, and comfy musk coalesce in this delightfully soft and graceful scent.

Bottle Shot 1

amazing grace ballet rose:
This striking and exotic perfume presents soft roses and peonies, accented with sparkling lychee. A subtle trail of wood notes and pink musk bring this graceful ballet to a close.

Puregrace Bottle Shot

pure grace:
The ultimate in clean, fresh, skin scents, with its exhilarating blend of lavender, jasmine, water lily, and musk—a purely refreshing and uplifting fragrance.

Bottle Shot

pure grace nude rose:
A blend of ethereal green notes laid over a charming trio of neroli, orange blossom, and rose create a charming mystique. Light cedar and solar musk add just the right touch of intrigue as it wears.


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