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Celebrate Your Contradictions with Bijou Romantique by Etat Libre d`Orange2 min read

02/28/2018 2 min read
Steve Johnson


Celebrate Your Contradictions with Bijou Romantique by Etat Libre d`Orange2 min read

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Bijou Romantique celebrates every side of a woman’s personality and perspective, allowing every experience its own singular spotlight. It is a celebratory and contradictory fragrance whose jumbled blend of notes somehow coalesces into a pristine portrait of feminine authenticity.

The opening shines with orchard sunlit Italian lemons and bergamot, while a popping pink berry accord adds a quick shot of spice to the juicy citrus.

The heart of Bijou Romantique expands into a daring blend of powdery iris, a silk ribbon of soft ylang-ylang, fresh coconut, and the sharp desert bite of clary sage. The sweet coconut and ylang ylang decorate the delicate, hesitant softness of the iris with their laid-back, tropical feel, as well as toning down the tartness of the sage.

Bijou Romantique changes its mind about what kind of perfume it is halfway-though – from a bouncy citrus scent to a full-blown floral with gourmand accents.

The dry down shows yet another side to this fragrance, as the floral heart dissolves into a base featuring Haitian vetiver, vanilla, patchouli, and benzoin. And just as the top notes set heated spices against bright citrus, and the heart’s soft florals versus sweet coconut, the base notes pairs earthy, green herbs with dessert notes. Bijou Romantique ends with sugary pastries served picnic-style in a rambling garden.

The carefree jumble of styles and notes in Bijou Romantique is what makes it memorable and complex. The romantic gift at its heart is in savoring its delightfully unique personality, allowing it to teach you something new about wearing perfume.


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