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Your New Favorite Office Perfumes

Favorite Office Perfumes

Your New Favorite Office Perfumes

While we’re all for olfactive liberty, in the corporate world, there’s only one type of fragrance that’s universally acceptable: the subtle scent.

We have rounded up the four perfumes you can wear confidently in the office, without offending anyone’s personal scent preferences:

Raymond Matts Maiaday@2XMaiaday by Raymond Matts

You’ll find yourself reveling in the scent of linden blossom note. The combination of the delicate woody plus a generous amount of vanilla make Maiaday an office go-to perfume, especially for the lovers of light floral scents that have a touch of sensual wood and vanilla funk in the dry down.  

Selva Do Brazil BerdouesSelva Do Brazil by Berdoues

Bathed in gentle rain and exploding with fresh, herbaceous aroma of petitgrain mixed with tonka bean and gaiac wood is Selva Do Brazil, which feels like a stroll through a Brazilian rainforest.

Selva, rainforest in Portuguese has a jolting, electric aura, perfect for office hours. This unique fragrance formula will appeal to those who love subtle green scent that won’t disturb someone’s personal space.

French Clary SageFrench Clary Sage by Lisa Hoffman

Sheer and  sensual, an uncomplicated scent dominated by notes of clary sage and bergamot, French Clary Sage is a perfume that evokes dreamy afternoons walking through the fields of Provence.

Bergamot and clary sage are competing for your right to feel airy and fresh. There are light aquatic notes and freesia, but they are singing way. With its soft and translucent quality, Clary Sage is a must for anyone with a nose for delicate floral scents.

Costarela By Carner BarcelonaCostarela by Carner Barcelona

Laid-back but stylish, noticeable without drawing too much attention to the wearer, Costarela is at the intersection of zesty bergamot, ambroxan and salty sea notes.

This breathy, outdoorsy fragrance floats in straight from Barcelona.  A crystal clear sea accord mixes with sand notes and ambroxan. Shyamala Maisondieu has taken the scent of the ocean, an ingredient that is not mainstream in perfumery, and created a captivating unisex fragrance that’s an excellent pick-me-up for the office and sure to become your new fave.

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