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Fragrances, Mood, and Personality Types: Are They Related?

Perfumes And Mood
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Fragrances, Mood, and Personality Types: Are They Related?


Buying perfume is not unlike buying a pair of designer jeans: you are looking for that “second skin” feeling and praying to God a portion of your paycheck will remain after you are done shopping. Both great clothes and great perfume give you that butterfly in the stomach feeling of happiness. While this feeling is somewhat fleeting when it comes to designer jeans (remember that “nothing to wear” sentiment), your favorite perfume will be able to offer a consistent “pick-me-up”, rain or shine.

Fragrance Mood Personality

If you ever embarked on a journey of sniffing and smelling in the fragrance department, you know there is more to choosing a fragrance than meets the eye. Studies carried out by a German psychologist, Dr. Joachim Mensing from the Research Institute for Applied Aesthetics, concluded that there is a link between the personality and mood of an individual when it comes to perfume attraction. This is why it might be a bit challenging for some people to buy a perfume or cologne for a friend or family member.

Factors such as if the person is shy or outgoing can greatly impact what scents they like the most. Someone with a modern romantic personality will have different scent preferences than someone with an urban bohemian personality. When it comes to perfumes, there are five main categories that scents can fall into. These scents include floral, fruity, oriental, green, and woody.

 Woody Perfumes

This type of scent is perfect for nature lovers. These scents are warm and earthy. They often remind individuals of scents associated with cedar, sandalwood, or patchouli. Often times these fragrances will have a touch of citrus, which gives it an aromatic scent. Some of the most notable perfumes that fall into this category include Indigo by Nest, Midnight Oud by Juliette Has A Gun and White Woods by Clean.

 Floral Perfumes

These scents are ideal for individuals that are feminine, romantic, and like traditional scents. Floral scented perfumes are some of the most widely sold perfumes. They are well suited for women that like to dress up and wear delicate makeup. Women that might enjoy this scent might like classic movies and clothing that is well tailored to fit them perfectly. Perfumes that fall into this category include Cinema by YSL, Versace Signature by Versace and Crystal Flowers by Montale.

 Oriental Perfumes

These fragrances are for exotic women who enjoy being bold. These women stand out because of their unique personality and their warm sensuality. They usually enjoy making a statement, and a good perfume will help them do just that. Oriental scents often include ingredients such as vanilla, exotic flowers, spices such as cinnamon, and clove.Try Black Opium by YSL or Ambre 114 by HISTOIRES DE PARFUMS.

Fruity Perfumes

Fruity perfumes are for women that enjoy the fragrance of fresh fruit. They also like scents that are citrusy and spicy. Women that might enjoy this kind of scent are young and energetic. These fragrances often contain ingredients such as peach, melon, raspberry and apply. Perfumes that match this type of scent include Coco Figue by COMPTOIR SUD PACIFIQUE or Amore Vince Camuto by Vince Camuto.

Green Perfumes

These scents are for women that love overpowering scents. They often enjoy the smell of cut grass and have a relaxed personality. They love to be outdoors and enjoy earthy smells that remind them of being outside. Ingredients that green scents typically have include violet leaves, ivy leaves, and rhubarb. These scents include perfumes like Versense by Versace or  Eau Parfumee Au The Vert by Bvlgari.

Fragrance Mood

The main takeaway when shopping for perfume is remembering to pay close attention to the personality factor. Although there are other factors that should influence your choice like the age of the person. This will help you choose if it is a good fit for you or not.

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