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L’Amour by Lalique: Scented Testament of Love

Lamour By Lalique

L’Amour by Lalique: Scented Testament of Love

Blog L'amour By LaliqueL’Amour by Lalique is a white floral fragrance mixed with lots of citrusy juicyness, French sexiness and womanhood. It is the perfume for the modern, independent, charismatic women.

Simplistic on paper, yet creating an elegant depth when released into the air, this graceful floral composition is a testament of the fresh, joyful mingling of citruses with white floral and animalic fragrant string.

Staying true to its name, the perfume oozes softness, sexiness, edginess, and intelligence. Like an invisible magnet, its beauty is a glowing aura with a strong pull.

L’Amour Lalique opens with vigorous bergamot reinforced with intense mix of neroli and rose, a prelude for the white floral heart. And in the base, a sexy animalic string of musk, cedar, and sandalwood drydown complements the feel of creamy floral, powdery elegance, showcasing the true meaning of French elegance and passion embodied in the name of L’Amour.

The portrait of the woman who’s in love with this scent says she is very, very special.

It’s her hair you will notice first: long, rumpled hair that matches the imprint on the rumpled bed sheets she climbed out this morning.

Then, you will notice her personality.

You will notice that she’s definitely not a fashion, mind, philosophy copycat.

She doesn’t want to fit IN. She wants to stand OUT!

She is not a woman who always knows what she wants. She is a kind of woman who knows that she can accomplish anything she sets her mind on. As soon as she decides what she wants.

She is a kind of woman that rebels, fights for her cause, even it is a pair of new boots preyed upon by another woman.

She screams, cries, laughs. A bit impatient, but worth your attention. And your love!

She is gorgeous, can’t you see? And she’ll do anything in the name of L’Amour.

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