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When You’re Dreaming of a Scented Summer: 2016 Summer Perfumes Hit List

Scentbird 2016 Summer Perfume Hit List

When You’re Dreaming of a Scented Summer: 2016 Summer Perfumes Hit List



After a very long wait, summer is finally here. The gentle caress of the sand between your toes, the smell of saltwater and stuffy air complemented with wet beach towels, is the essence of summer. The fruit, the fresh-cut flowers, the night sky lit with burning stars remind you of just how beautiful life can be. But summer can also be filled with woody fragrances of the luscious green forests or the scent of jasmine blossoming right next to your balcony. You can choose your summer perfume by relying on your definition of summer.

Defining summer

There are a few ways in which you can define summer. If you are a beach sloth, then you might enjoy perfumes with notes of piña colada, pink pepper, mint or coconut. If beaches are too crowded for you and you are finding your escape in forests or gardens, opt for fragrances with notes of sandalwood, pine, cedar or moss with floral hints.  Yet if you define summer by the smell of watermelon melting in your mouth, you know that fruit notes are your summer essentials.

 Summer Perfumes Scentbird

When your summer smells like saltwater and cocktails on the beach!

If you define summer by the number of tiny morsels of sand stuck in your shoes, then hit the stores in search of one of these perfumes:

When your summer smells like campfire and marshmallows!

If you define summer by the number of pine needles that have found their way inside your sleeping bag after you enjoyed a night sleeping under the burning sky, then you will most definitely enjoy one of these perfumes :

  • Be Delicious Fresh Blossom by DKNY: this perfume is opulent and mesmerizing, so you need to be extra careful when you wear it on your camping trips as you may arouse one of the wandering bears in the forest or urban tigers in the city;
  • Romance by Ralph Lauren: the perfect perfume for the innocent times filled with nostalgia,
  • Yellow Diamond by Versace: A girl from the city can feel just like at home, even in the Amazon if she is adjusted to the hectic and divine symphony of scents offered by the radiant beauty of Yellow Diamond by Versace.

When your summer smells like the divine Garden of Eden!

If you define summer by the number of flower petals that have adorned your pavements and domesticated in your memory forever, these are the perfumes that need to find their way into your fragrance wardrobe:

  • Infusion d’Iris Eau de Parfum by Prada: a perfume so powerful that it out-shadows the sun. A perfume that is reminiscent of Little Red Riding Hood’s walk in the forest, it will make you lose yourself in the moment.
  • Rain (Reserve Blend) by Clean Reserve: when the weather outside is so hot you are tempted to dance naked with a drum in hopes of rain, this perfume is only scent that will powerfully evoke your memory of a heavy rainfall.
  • Narciso EDP by Narciso Rodriguez: a futuristic fragrance for women who are sick and tired of the perfumes that play it safe.

Scentbird 2016 Summer Perfume Hit List 1

When your summer smells like a fruit bowl!

If you define summer by the number of watermelon seeds that you have extracted from your fruit salad, then you will be thrilled to ooze with these scents:

Finding your summer perfume is only half the work, you know. If you are not familiar with the little tricks of wearing perfumes in the summer, please find them here. They are worth a visit.

Scentbird 2016 Summer Perfume Hits List

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