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Father’s Day 2016 Fragrance Gift Guide


Father’s Day 2016 Fragrance Gift Guide

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In the vast sea of creative and not-so-creative Father’s Day gift ideas, I cast my vote for a fragrant tribute to the Real-Life Superheroes: our Fathers.

The man who gifted you a fun and special childhood deserves a fragrance that celebrates all of his fatherhood efforts. A small fragrant token of affection saying he’s cherished all 365 days of the year as the best dad in the whole wide world, and one day as the superhero he is.

Here is an overview of 5 amazing colognes that will remind him of this fact each time he wears it:

Kenneth Cole Mankind Hero Sc

  1. Mankind Hero by Kenneth Cole: Superheroes need a cape and mask to validate their actions, but real men only need a dab of cologne to own the room, or even the entire Universe. Kenneth Cole’s Mankind Hero is a smooth, sweet citrusy scent radiating confidence and masculinity, unleashing the primordial desire of every man: to protect what’s his.
    Cambridge Bottle
  2. Cambridge Knight by English Laundry: Generously infused with a heavy dose of English allure and intricacy, Cambridge Knight speaks of polished gentleman with gentle hearts and a strong sense of fashion. Created to reflect the appeal of casual elegance to a man’s style, the heart hides intense masculine power: aromatic musk and blackcurrant with cedar, which adds a touch of sophistication. The dry down reveals an intriguing blend of grapefruit, patchouli, and jasmine, seamlessly enclosing this fragrant composition.
    honour man
  3. Honour Man by Amouage: What’s a father if not the person who always honors his commitments and aces every game he plays. If you really want to honor him, there is no better way of saying it than gifting him this fragrance that says it all with golden ink on the label. The emotional body of the fragrance combines mysterious notes of geranium, elemi and nutmeg, the perfect background for patchouli, cedar, vetiver, frankincense, musk and tonka bean. A fragrance with character and the perfect gift for the men with real character and poise.
    Bvlgari Aqva EDT by Bvlgari
  4. Bvlgari Aqva EDT by Bvlgari: While enlisting the help of Bvlgari Aqva, you will enable your father to discover new dimensions of long forgotten and craved for excitement with a scent that exudes a mix of orange, seaweed and cedar. The theme of this fragrance is ocean freshness, which awakens the spirit of freedom and triumph over fear. A masculine fragrance that embodies elegance and timelessness, combining fresh top notes with trendy and comforting base notes.
    Bentley for Men by Bentley
  5. Bentley for Men by Bentley: If buying a Bentley seems like a far-fetched option, then the realistic, fragrant equivalent of that desire is embodied in the fragrance that offers the same exhilaration as a Bentley key in your dad’s hand. The fragrance opens with an energetic touch of citruses and strong spicy black pepper, bringing the absolute seducer in a state of positive vibrations and utter contentment. The prolonged, irresistible sensuality is a direct product of the interaction between rum and woody notes, spread over notes of leather, benzoin, cedar and patchouli.
Father's Day Fragrance Gift Guide

And if you really want to make him proud, make Dad’s Day last an entire year. Gift him a subscription to Scentbird which lets him to choose the fragrances he wants. None of the guess work for you, and all of the awesomeness for your dad.

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