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Fiori Vince Camuto by Vince Camuto: Floral Summer Delight

Fiori Vince Camuto By Vince Camuto

Fiori Vince Camuto by Vince Camuto: Floral Summer Delight


FioriFiori Vince Camuto by Vince Camuto is a powdery warm, floral feminine and delightfully mysterious scent, perfect for the women who love to be veiled by an aura of mysteriousness, leaving plenty of room for filling in the blanks left by their presence.

Fiori Vince Camuto’s intoxicating, sweet soothing character opens with a spectacular flush of Bellini cocktail and sugary nectarine, a juicy summer delight that leads effortlessly into a delicate white floral heart sweetened with iris blossom.

The base rounds up this gorgeous fragrant journey with a sensual embrace consisted of creamy sandalwood and blue cedar.

I imagine the woman attracted by the scent as warm, inviting.

She is interested in planets, stars, moons, but what she really wants to know is how you light up the dark side of your moon.

She isn’t an open book. Her book has a lock on it, and finding the key entails some love detective work. She doesn’t believe in limits, because we are all made of dreams, and dreams don’t travel by foot.

She loves life and loves beauty. She loves the city lights and the nature’s darkness. She loves her heels, she loves her ballet flats, she loves her style.

She keeps it low, but when she is happy, she announces the world she is alive and kicking.

She is a type of enigma that Sherlock Holmes and Indiana Jones would love to solve. She is a burning fire in the midst of freezing ocean, stealing the light from the stars above.

She is a star, but it takes something more to find it out!

Fiori Vince Camuto is a lovely peaches and citrus confection, begging to cling to your favorite dresses this summer.

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