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Scentbird’s Perfume/Cologne of the Month: Bergamot by (MALIN+GOETZ)

Bergamot By Malingoetz

Scentbird’s Perfume/Cologne of the Month: Bergamot by (MALIN+GOETZ)


A scent designed for the man or woman chasing a life full of elation under the bright, blazing sun, Bergamot by (MALIN+GOETZ) renders piquant freshness laced with bohemian, nonchalant poise.

Bergamot EdtThis fragrance exudes a playful atomic freshness and purity with a citrusy opening: bergamot, lemon, mandarin, bell pepper, lime, and grapefruit, all bearing the Italian sensuality imported from Calabria. The scent’s effervescent spiciness is highlighted by the piquant mixture of cardamom, muguet, ginger, black pepper, and spearmint, making up the captivating feminine high note. The yin yang balance of the base is achieved through a perfect blend of cedar, amber woods, musk, and sandalwood, a subtle masculine finish locking horns with the light feminine heart.

The fragrance’s strongest asset is its ability to withstand scorching hot temperatures, due to the main star of the composition, bergamot: juicy with a very sharp green edge.

The piquancy of the spices in the heart give off an aura of exquisiteness, which serves as a means to sharpen your desire and craving for freshness, served on a plate by the citrus notes.

While staying within the parameters of a citrus-dominated fragrance, the composition of (MALIN+GOETZ) does everything in its power to elude the “sterile” and “uninteresting” label typical for citrus themed scents, offering a sense of cleanliness with a distinctive, light scent instead.

Enjoy Bergamot by (MALIN+GOETZ) on ScentbirdBergamot By (Malin+Goetz)

A true gender bender, Bergamot, just like the sun, can be enjoyed by anyone, anytime.

As Scentbird’s perfume and cologne of the month, you’ll be able to experience the beauty of Bergamot all throughout July.
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