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Scent Spotlight: Meet Stella by Tocca


Scent Spotlight: Meet Stella by Tocca

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Choosing a new perfume is pretty much like making new friends.

The whole affair has two sides: the initial impression, and the true personality, which is revealed only when you spend a bit of quality time with the friend… or perfume. 

You try a new scent, and sometimes there is that instant connection. You hit it off immediately, and you already know where on your vanity you will place her.

Sometimes, you try a perfume and decide it may not be the one. But as the hours go by, you find yourself enjoying in its company. You love the person you become when this perfume is around.

Now, please allow me to tell you the story of my new scented friendship:

The perfume’s story goes something like this:

“As tempestuous and moody as a rebellious young Italian beauty, Stella attracts your senses with Blood Orange and Spicy Lily. A flirtatious combination of White Freesia paired with Wild Diamond Orchids, Sheer Musk, and Sandalwood create a fresh sensual fragrance.”

And our personal friendship story goes like this

I tried the perfume a few weeks ago. I was expecting a succulent, velvety juicy fragrance that would somehow transport me to the bustling, vibrant, narrow Italian corridors without having to actually pay for the trip. I was expecting an explosion of scents, of serenity, and an extremely dangerous dose of Italian wittiness. However, what I got is so much more…


Whether you’re an incurable romantic, sensual temptress or confident rebel, you can never have too much self confidence, perfume or shoes, is the motto of Stella woman. Ravishingly sensual with drama queen sensibility, this Tocca Beauty gem is a citrusy sweet, floral olfactory delight.

But she isn’t necessarily Italian.

She can easily be a New Yorker. She calls this city her home, even though her birthplace has a very different star constellation.

You will often find her in one of Greenwich Village cafés, enjoying her strong coffee and book. She does not believe in technology, so shies away from people constantly looking for electrical outlets. The smell of the book is the only intellectual outlet she needs.

She wears flats exclusively, so she can roam the art galleries without interrupting people’s pleasure with the woodpecker’s sound of heels hitting against the cold marble floor.

She is a vagabond. A half-blood hippie, yet a curator of taste. She is always warm, powdery and trustworthy.

But she won’t accompany you everywhere. She is on her best behavior when the weather is colder and the atmosphere is intimate.

If you are going on a first date, make sure you bring her with you. She will magically perform an exorcism on those jitters, leaving you relaxed and composed. She will allow your personality to take the center stage. Her presence is ubiquitous, and her amazing personality is universal.

Edp Stella 300Dpi

I’m not ashamed to admit that I simply love Stella. If you’re anything like me, I am sure you will love Stella as much as I do. And the best part: she can be your fragrant sidekick for just $14.95 per month, with free shipping, only with Scentbird.


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