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Best Perfumes for Job Interviews

Best Perfumes For Job Interviews 1

Best Perfumes for Job Interviews

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The idea of not wearing perfume to a job interview is just as controversial as not taking the time to contemplate your outfit for the “I” day. If you want to show the world that you can be a kick-ass employee, you need all the confidence and luck you can get. In this particular case, your lucky charm can be your perfume, if you know which one to pick. We have drafted a quick guide on which perfumes you should wear on the day of the interview. Accompanied by confidence overload, plenty of charm and a smile, of course!

To Wear or Not to Wear Perfume, That is the Question

There are lots of so called experts that are trying to build a case against the idea of wearing a perfume for a job interview, and they are founding their case on rather ridiculous assumptions, such as “What if the perfume you wear reminds him of his ex-wife?” or “What if this particular person is allergic to perfumes?” However, there is one reason why you absolutely MUST wear perfume that particular day – even the tiniest portion of the interview-perfect perfume will boost your confidence and empower you to light up the room with your electrifying presence. Now that is something that will leave a good lasting impression.

Job Interview Perfume Dos and Don’ts

But before you run off and start using your perfume as a replacement for running water, you need to know that wearing perfume to a job interview is a delicate matter and requires thinking beyond the spray atomizer, just like the application of perfume during the summer. As soon as you get the news that you have been invited to a job interview, your mantra should be this: Go Heavy on the Personal charm and Light on the Perfume! This is the leitmotif that will help you choose the right scent and balance out its application.

For your interview day, forget about your signature perfume and think in terms of poise, balance, professionalism and freshness. You do not want to use up a whole bottle of perfume in one day and thus announce your presence to the whole building. If your perfume starts to speak too loudly, you will be stripped away of your charm. Instead, your perfume should be subtle, yet omnipresent, and gently linger in the air. Subconsciously you will be sending this message: I am here because I deserve the chance to show you I can make a difference while being a part of this company.

Best Perfumes for Job Interviews

Below is a list of 4 perfumes that will help you kiss your unemployment days goodbye.

Flora Gucci

Flora by Gucci

Only two drops of Flora by Gucci are enough to put a dot on the “I” day and secure you the job. This perfume can fill the voids left by the awkward silence if the interviewer asks you an unexpected question. You will bag the job before you even open your mouth!


Stella by Stella McCartney

Stella is a modern classic. No perfume will go better with your little “hire me” formal suit. It is very subtle, but also very chic. Just a hint of this perfume on your wrists, and you will announce your personality from the moment you shake hands with the people who are conducting the interview. And as an added bonus, they will remember the things they like about you when you shake their hands on your way out. Perfect!


Versense by Versace

This perfume is very relaxing, so it will calm your mind down and uplift the spirit before you start working your charm on your future bosses. Even though the other candidates may be shaking from the “Interview Jitters”, Versense will fill your head with the calmness of flowery meadows and Zen atmosphere.


Omnia Crystalline EDP by Bvlgari

This perfume is the number once choice of the modern Audrey Hepburn archetype girl – the epitome of a down to earth stylish woman. Now, who wouldn’t want to hire a woman of such exquisite taste? The perfume releases scented molecules that simply ooze intellect and overpowering charm. It is beyond easy to fall under the spell of a woman who is wearing this fragrance, be it in a business or personal environment.

Best Perfumes For Job Interviews

After the “I” Day

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