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Right VS Wrong Application: How to Wear Perfume in the Summer

How To Wear Perfume In The Summer

Right VS Wrong Application: How to Wear Perfume in the Summer

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During the summer, we shed off the majority of our clothes, so there is a lot of skin exposed to the ruthless onslaught of the sun rays. This means that during the day, you need to let go of what you know about perfume application and get creative.

Summer perfume application 101

Every perfume contains a certain percentage of alcohol, and as you know, alcohol is photosensitive. When you apply perfume on your pulsating points, you risk turning into a leopard.

The sun could burn the skin in the spots where you have applied perfume, so you are risking developing a body covered in little dark circles.

This certainly doesn’t mean that you have to part ways with your perfume from June to September. Here are some suggestions that are viable and would warrant your scented presence everywhere you go:

Luscious Scented Hair

Luscious scented hair

Wash your hair and while it is still wet, apply perfume on your hair ends. Every time you move your head, the hairs will be releasing thousands of olfactory molecules.

Sensual cleavage

Spray a bit of your perfume deep in your cleavage and you are good to go. The heat of your body will make sure that you release those olfactory molecules and dazzle everyone around you. Still, if you are into topless sunbathing, skip this piece of advice to move onto the next one.

Fragrant fedoras

If a fedora is an essential part of your wardrobe, you will love this. Take a small cotton cloth, spray a generous amount of your perfume on it and stick it inside the fedora.

Leave the cloth there for a few days so that scent molecules can infiltrate your favorite accessory. Always remember to return the perfumed cloth back into the fedora when you are not wearing it to keep the scent fresh.

Attention Grabbing Fragrant Bikini

Attention grabbing fragrant bikini

You can highlight your beach sex appeal by scenting your bikini set. Due to the fact that bikinis are usually made of artificial fabrics, you must never apply the perfume straight onto the beachwear.

Instead, try the same trick as with the fedora. Wrap your bikini set in a heavily perfumed piece of cloth and keep it there for a day or so. You can do the same thing with your beach towel, or even better, use a few drops of lavender essential oil to turn your beach towel into a relaxing retreat for your body.

Now that you are fully trained on how to wear perfume under the blazing sun, it is just about time to learn which are the most popular summer perfumes and find out your definition of summer.

And please do not forget to pass on your knowledge to someone you truly love.

Wear Perfume In Summer

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