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Back to School: Class Schedule Scents3 min read

08/07/2016 4 min read


Back to School: Class Schedule Scents3 min read

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Back to school means back to classes.

Whether your favorite subjects are English or math, start the new school year in style with a corresponding fragrance.

Here are five fragrances you need to try when going to your English literature or astronomy class.

English Class

Burberry Brit EDT by Burberry get your scent

Burberry Brit EDT by Burberry

Whether it’s Shakespeare, Chaucer, or Austen, chances are you will be reading and analyzing some works by English writers. Burberry Brit is the perfect scent to showcase your knowledge of Pride and Prejudice or Hamlet.  This classic fragrance has lime, pear, sweet almond and vanilla for an elevating feel to make you ace those essays and ten page papers.

History Class

F For Fascinating by Salvatore Ferragamo get your scent

F for Fascinating by Salvatore Ferragamo

History class can go one of two ways. It may be incredibly fascinating or incredibly boring. For those fascinated with American, European, Asian, Latin, or contemporary history, F for Fascinating will give you the vibes to immerse yourself in historical dates and people. For those who sleep in class, a few spritz on the wrist of this patchouli mandarin infused fragrance will keep you awake to take notes.

Science Class

Not a Perfume by Juliette Has A Gun


get your scent

Not A Perfume by Juliette Has a Gun

For those fascinated in biology or chemistry, Not A Perfume is a supremely unique scent focused more on compounds than floral fruity combinations. Made of a single element called Cetalox (or Ambroxan,) this fragrance is made of molecules and is the first allergen free fragrance. Not A Perfume’s individuality and minimalism will not get in the way of your chemistry or biology homework or new discoveries you may find in the lab.

Foreign Language Class

Si EDP by Giorgio Armani

get your scent

Si EDP by Giorgio Armani

It’s always great to learn a new language. Whether it be French, Italian, or Spanish, Si will give you the confidence to practice any language to its fullest. Made for the woman who takes chances, Si will encourage you to memorize all those irregular verbs and have you be a fluent speaker by the end of the course.

Art Class

La Vie de Boheme by Anna Sui

get your scent

La Vie de Boheme by Anna Sui

La Vie de Boheme is complimentary to any art class you will attend. It could be trying to create a masterpiece through acrylic, oil, or marble. Or learning of Matisse and Warhol’s art careers. With notes of raspberry, pear, rose and musk, this perfume celebrates the bohemian lifestyle of such artists like Toulouse Lautrec and Rodin who made a memorable dent on the art world. For the free spirited, this fragrance will bring out your inner Van Gogh, Kahlo, or Picasso. Let your art expression begin!

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