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4 Perfect Workout Scents

The Perfect Workout Scents
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4 Perfect Workout Scents


Working out doesn’t have to be a self-conscious process. With the suggested light and resistant perfumes, you can exercise as hard as you’d like without worry of body odor, feeling fresh as a daisy!

Bergamot By (Malin+Goetz)

Perfect Scent With Scentbird

  1. Bergamot by (MALIN+GOETZ)

Bergamot by (MALIN+GOETZ) is very popular fragrance, owing its popularity to the strength and overall intensity that wards off bad odors during exercise. Not only is Bergamot functional, but the citrusy, flirty, and light smell is perfect for any girl on the go. 

Infusion De Tubereuse By Prada

Perfect Scent With Scentbird

  1. Infusion de Tubereuse by Prada

 Infusion de Tubereuse by Prada is a unique perfume because with one sniff, you feel clean and pure.  Infusion de Tubereuse is a floral combination of tubereuse, blood orange, and labdanum. Its staying power may not be quite as strong as Bergamot, but its airy nature is perfect for exercising.

Romance By Ralph Lauren

Perfect Scent With Scentbird

3.  Romance by Ralph Lauren

When you smell Ralph Lauren’s Romance, you’ll feel like you have entered the woods on a perfect autumn day. This powerful fragrance is also accompanied with powerful resistance. The aura created by the perfume is not too heavy, but definitely noticeable.

Acqua Di Gioia By Giorgio Armani

Perfect Scent With Scentbird

4.  Aqua di Gioa by Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani’s Aqua di Gioa literally translates to “water of joy.” It has a distinctly fresh feel, complete with minty accents. The average staying power of Acqua di Gioa is compensated by the unique and elegant combination of notes.

Working Out and Smelling Heavenly Has Never Been Easier!

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