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How Much Fragrance Is Too Much?

How Much Fragrance Is Too Much

How Much Fragrance Is Too Much?

Coco Chanel once said that a woman without perfume is a woman without a future.

But this does not give you permission to suffocate someone else’s future with your own signature scent.
Wearing a perfume that makes you happy is a wonderful thing, that’s the mission of every fragrance on the market. The problem occurs when you cross the line between wearing it for your own pleasure and wearing it for the others.

You know the type that wears fragrances just for the compliments. You can sense their perfumes across the gym or when the perfume fills the elevator, even if this person has gotten off five floors ago, ten minutes ago…

While many people love to distinguish themselves with their choice of perfume, whether their olfactive selection will offend those in their immediate and not so immediate surroundings depends on the fragrance itself as well as the perfumer application.

In order to get a more detailed information about sillage, diffusion and application, I suggest you read our What is perfume sillage? blog post.

The current fragrance trends are different from the trends in the eighties, and the most popular fragrances are made with just the right amount of sillage and diffusion. These are fragrances that garner lots of compliments.

However, many people are convinced that the only way to get noticed is to replace bathing water with fragrance, which is the right way to offend many people, especially if the perfume is worn at the workplace.

The best way to enjoy your fragrance is to focus application on your pulse points, and two sprays are all you need. These pulsating points warm up on the skin, allowing the scent to diffuse in air.

If you’re looking for a fragrance boost in less scent-sensitive areas (outside the office), spritz your favorite scent and step through it. The halo of fragrance will land on the fabric and stick around longer, but be warned it could affect certain materials, such as silk. just add a fragrance laced accessory, such as your scarf, coat, gloves or even your bag. Want to learn how to “perfume” your accessories and clothes without risking perfume stains? Read all about it here: HOW TO MAKE YOUR SCENT LAST ALL DAY.

When it comes to fragrances, the adage less is more is always true. Just remember, perfume is an extension of your personality, it fills in the blanks, but you need to tickle the imagination first!


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