The Olfactive Journey

The Olfactive Journey

The Olfactive Journey


Perfumes are not just invisible beauty accessories. They are your confidence boosters, your beautifiers, your mood lifters, so in many ways, they are your scented other half. If their subdued voices were translatable, I think that they would be capable of writing the most romantic love letters. This is how I perceive the olfactive journey that starts from the moment the perfume leaves the bottle and settles on the skin:

Dear perfume lover,

What you are about to unfold transcendences all of your senses. The moment when your nostrils meet the droplets of the perfume is a cause for celebration, because it is a beginning of a story which is unique and yours truly. A story like no other. Christian Dior said “Long after one has forgotten what a woman wore, the memory of her perfume lingers”, and he was right. The perfume is your best chance to leave your scented trail, one which will persevere in the memory of everyone who are lucky to have you in their presence. That is why you should treat every bottle of perfume as your book of memoirs. Your perfume is your finishing touch to everything you do…

With love,

Your perfume

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