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13 Spring-Perfect Perfumes: Try Now, Wear Now, Love Forever

Spring Perfumes

13 Spring-Perfect Perfumes: Try Now, Wear Now, Love Forever

Floral perfumes are usually all the rage come springtime, but this time, we have decided to add a little bit of fruity and oriental spicy accords to the mix.

If you’re looking for tips on how to brighten up your spring fragrance wardrobe, try some or better all of these 13 stylish perfumes:

Exotic Essence by David Yurman: The imaginary springtime getaway. One look at the bottle, and you are hooked by its simplicity and inviting color: yellow, like the nature baskin in the abundant sunshine. You know inside it stores an exotic liquid, the one that will whisper to you about some unconquered lands and suffocated dreams, gasping for air, woken by this very scent. Notes: mandarin, Casablanca lily, rose, patchouli, exotic woods, musk, peach, creamy vanilla, amber and Australian sandalwood notes.
Yellow Diamond by Versace: When this scent travels to your nostrils, all you can think of is happiness. Powerful, picturesque spring in a bottle. Blossomed flowers, skin crying with pleasure while being gently sun-kissed. Sophistication. Supreme femininity. Notes:orange blossom, freesia, mimosa and water lily, amber, precious musk and guaiac wood.
Cheap & Chic Petals by Moschino: Joy, freedom and impulsiveness in a bottle. This Moschino fragrance is energetic and optimistic scent for the women who are always ready for an adventure. Especially after the loooong, loooong winter. Notes: pomegranate, wild strawberry, red ginger, red orchid petals, gardenia, water lily, musk, hinoki wood and Italian iris.
L’Eau Couture by Elie Saab: Soft, elegant and sweet, perfect for the young women that are filled with idealism and dreams of happily ever afters. Notes: green almond, orange blossom and vanilla.
Ciao by Vince Camuto: Provocative, alluring, fresh, begging to be tried. A perfume so tantalizing and unique, you will be able to distinct it in a sea of perfumes. Luxurious and luscious scent, with sexy soft notes and edgy character. Spring is not just the time to show skin, it’s time to show who’s the boss also! Notes: Italian mandarin, pink grapefruit, wild strawberries, blackberry, rose, peony, lily of the valley, passion flower, pink jasmine, honeysuckle, amber, cashmeran, amaro liqueur, sandalwood and Indonesian patchouli.
Reisa by Truly Yours Parfums: A perfume for the confident woman. It is optimistic, fresh, energizing, sensual, sweet, utterly romantic and soft. Unique perfume for one of a kind woman. Wear it with your favorite spring scarf. Notes: tuberose, bergamot, lily, orange blossom, jasmine, agarwood, vanilla, patchouli and lime (linden) blossom.
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Stella by Tocca: This is a perfume for restless, energetic women. The ones that grab the world by the lapels and tell it to follow their lead. Stella is an olfactive magic that makes a lasting impression on everyone…just like its wearer. Notes: Blood Orange, White Freesia, Sandalwood
Dahlia & Vines by Nest Fragrances: It’s complex, opulent, beautiful, long lasting, and timeless. This has to be the perfume that Cinderella wore on the night she met Prince Charming, and it was the perfume, not the shoe, he was after when he realized she was gone. Notes: Dewy Daffodils, Peony, Rose, Garden Vines.
Figue by Molinard: A fragrance you just can’t get enough of. Expensive, spicy, luxurious, flowery, gourmand, perfect for the lady who wants to feel like she can conquer the world with just one spray. Notes: fig leaf, fig and fig tree.
French Clary Sage by Lisa Hoffman: Smells like elegance in movement. So light, yet so sophisticated. Divine scent with creamy texture which gives this perfume a warmth and depth. Notes: Yellow freesia, clary sage, cotton, citrus, and sandalwood.
Sultry Rose by EB Florals by Eric Buterbaugh: It is for the trendsetters. A scent which leaves you begging for more. Voluptuous, luxurious, stylish and so, so perfect. A no thorny rose perfume which gives you a golden ticket to shake the world to its core. Notes: Pepper, Passionfruit, Ottoman Rose Essence, Rose Water, Vanilla Orchid, Saffron, Ambrette Musk, Oud, Ambergris Accord.
Carven L’Eau de Toilette by Carven Parfums: A scent for the ultra-modern, street style icon girl. A girl who lets her perfume announce her stylish knowledge. A girl who is young, yet knows the old secrets on achieving success. Notes: Italian Lemon, Sweet Pea, Peony, Freesia, White Hyacinth, Wisteria, White Woods, Sandalwood, Musks.
Reflection Woman by Amouage: A perfume suitable for queen. It’s so regal, majestic, tantalizing, sophisticated, luxurious, the royalty of spring, unique perfumes. A perfume you choose when you want to stand out from the crowd and make a statement of class. Notes: Water Violet, Purple Freesia, Tropical Green Leaves, Magnolia, Jasmine, Amber, Cedarwood, Sandalwood.
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