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Freesia, The Note That ALL Other Notes Want To Be Friends With

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Freesia, The Note That ALL Other Notes Want To Be Friends With

The Perfumers conspiracy theory claims that there is a dash of freesia essential oil in every popular perfume out there. The so-called secret ingredient for success. This floral note gets along nicely with most of the fragrance notes, which prompts us to think that Victorians were right about freesia’s symbolism.

In Victorian Era (Victorians were crazy obsessed with flowers and their floral meaning, you can read all about it here) this particular flower symbolized friendship, so young girls weren’t particularly ecstatic to see their possible suitors holding bouquet of freesia.

However, conspiracy theories and past traditions aside, it’s due to the friendly and compatible character of freesia that most perfumers consider it the staple floral note in their best compositions.

With its unique, sweet but light, crystal sheen scent freesia is everyone’s cup of tea, or better note of perfume.

I’m sure you’ve already have at least one freesia-in-all-its-glory perfume, but take a peek at the ones that make me cross the friendship zone with anyone wearing freesia-themed fragrances.

 Citrine by Nest Fragrances

Citrine By Nest FragrancesCitrine features sparkling notes of lemon blossom, lotus flower, freesia, dew drop accord and precious woods.  The pairing of the sweet freesia with the bright lemon is a joy to wear, especially when the lotus and dew drop accord keep both of these notes from being too bright or too smothering.

Wild Child by Pinrose

Pinrose Wild ChildWild Child invites you to release your inner troublemaker. It’s first olfactive impression is of romance and happiness. Juicy bergamot, tiare flower and freesia joyously blend with gardenia, frangipani and jasmine, melting away in a slow, floral delight.

The heart features gardenia to ensure the feeling of play, mischief and nonconformity.  The dry down is energetic and flirty, emerging with charm and fun. Vanilla bean and frangipani base notes complete this perfectly balanced fragrance – perfect for a girl’s night out.

Reflection Woman by Amouage

Reflection Woman By AmouageThe scent releases a brilliant wave of floralcy on top with a flowing flowery cocktail of water violet and purple freesia. The dash of green tropical leaves brings freshness and livelihood into the composition. 

The heart reveals the charming magnolia petals while the jasmine illuminates with its crystal smell and leaves an irresistible trace on the skin. The perfume taunts your senses, it entices and turns into addiction. The combo of cedar and sandal brings forth a gentle feeling of pleasure, enriched with notes of amber.

French Clary Sage by Lisa Hoffman

French Clary SageSheer and softly sensual, uncomplicated scent dominated by notes of pure gentleness, French Clary Sage is that one perfectly weightless perfume that brings sensation of utter bliss.

From the first whiff of the enticingly multifaceted clary sage, it is evident that Lisa Hoffman announces an aromatic treat for all of the senses.

The dry, raw clary sage balances flawlessly into the floral (flax and freesia mix) company to arouse kind of sensory lightness. The bergamot infusion delivers just the right amount of fresh temptation and juiciness, providing a backdrop for the soft cotton and aquatic notes.


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