There are many perfumes out there desperately trying to pay homage to NY, but in fact these perfumes almost never capture the true essence of the city. Reinvigorated by this notion, we found the 10 NY perfectly epitomizing perfumes. 

NY: The Ultimate Perfume Melting Pot

New York is the ultimate perfume melting pot! You can wear every perfume you want in any time of the day or the season, and you could never go wrong with your choice. But if you want to honor the city in the right NY fashion, then you have to have at least one of this 10 NY epitomizing perfumes. And the city will pay you back for this loyalty in the most unbelievable way: it will seduce you in ways you thought were impossible.

For those who are willing to look beyond the worn out cliches, New York will reveal itself in all of its splendors. NY is no longer the City that Never Sleeps because it has learnt all about the dangers of insomnia, and let’s face it, a city so pretty needs its beauty sleep. The Big Apple sometimes smells like apples, sometimes smells less inviting but always smells like hope. That is the base note of every NY epitomizing perfume!

Top 10 NY epitomizing perfumes

10. Be Delicious by DKNY

Very unconventional light perfume, just like the main trait of NY. Donna Karan’s Be Delicious is an olfactory ode to the city that inspired this perfume, celebrating the fact that the city was built on pillars of belief in self-expression. This perfume makes you feel unique, sophisticated, but also a part of the pack. The domination of green apples makes a stunning statement, which cannot be toned down with the elegant mixture of flowers and seductive wood notes.

9. Simone by Tocca

Simone is a girl that has a no nonsense attitude and she isn’t afraid to ask for what she thinks is hers. Simone is a girl who spends her entire paycheck on a little black dress and does not wait for Prince Charming to come rescue her. Simone knows that age is attitude, not a bunch of numbers. Simone  is a true New Yorker, knowing how to make it in this city. She is mellow, noisy and will listen to you. Do not mistake her flowery character for weakness, because her strongest traits lie in her heart.

8. Minaudière by Judith Leiber

This true New Yorker staple transports every woman from the land of bored routine to the land of sophistication and rush. A few spritzes of Minaudière by Judith Leiber transforms you from your ordinary self to a girl who can win every battle in this concrete jungle called New York. The perfume tells the tale of this city in its notes. Early on, the perfume is rushing, exciting, trying to find its place on your skin. But after a while, the perfume calms down just for a bit, before it explodes in all its wonders. And interestingly enough, the perfume just like NY is at its best just when you go to bed. Then it cannot wait before it imprints on someone else’s bare skin…

7. Michael by Michael Kors

Michael Kors is the ultimate NY fashion designer. In that same fashion, he created a perfume which perfectly depicts the urban offbeat style that is universally applicable. It is like Michael, the perfume, has taken the cultural scented origins of every New Yorker and has blended them into this vibrant fragrance. The Mexican tuberose dances on the tunes dictated by the exotic musk and the Asian peony, spiced up with the inclusion of the oriental cashmere wood. The ultimate cosmopolitan perfume.

6.Candy by Prada

Candy is trendy, vibrant and always one step ahead of time. This is the trendsetting perfume which reminds me of an early brunch date, a scene taken from Scent and the City. Prada’s most popular perfume gets on with everyone. Similar to New York, you can always move on to the next perfume, but there will always be a part of you longing for the notes that strike the perfect chord with your temper. You can leave New York by car, bus or a plane, but you can never leave it by heart.

5. Black Orchid by Tom Ford

The Black Dahlia mystery is so L.A., but Ford’s Black Orchid perfume is one of the most popular typical NY mysteries. This perfume resembles the city in every possible way: it is simple yet utterly luxurious and timeless. You can taste this scented enigma in every corner of the city, all you need to do is find the beauty in the most unthinkable places. The Black Orchid gives you the same thing New York promises to everyone who enters its realms: a royal, velvety welcome!

4. Rush by Gucci

New York knows two types of rush: the everlasting and perpetual haste of people, money and objects and the superior and sudden feeling of thrill! When you combine these things together and bottle them, you’ll get Rush by Gucci. This exciting cocktail will trigger all of your senses, begging you to keep this perfume as a reminder of the times you felt truly alive.

3. Miss Charming by Juliette Has A Gun

Even though the perfume comes from a French House, this is a typical NY perfume because the New Amsterdam’s New York’s a.k.a. is Charming. This city charms everyone who wants to make it here, and the perfume gives you the needed confidence and the push of luck when you need it the most. Miss Charming is sudden, unexpected and fun! This is what NY is best described in three words.

2. Viva La Juicy Noir by Juicy Couture

The scent and the lust released in the air by all of the best NY bakeries equals to Viva La Juicy Noir by Juicy Couture. The Scent of the City is sweet, sticky and comforting. The main message this perfume delivers is optimism, the thing that runs in the veins of every self-proclaimed New Yorker.

1. Norell New York by Norell

NORELL New YorkNorell New York by Norell is the embodiment of the perfect NY perfume. It has the whole package. The bottle, the charm and the great expectations. The perfume is like a modern day Cinderella, the notes are delivering the message of hope. The same hope that greeted many people from all corners of the world, sculpted in the famous Statue of Liberty. The orris root notes are almost a warning that sweetness cannot be rushed, just like the dreams we all have. And if you are patient enough, you will be able to enjoy the unbelievable seduction of the jasmine, gardenia and peony mix. So go ahead and bite that Big Juicy Apple!

NY Scent of Mind

New York is a state of mind and has its own scent of mind in all of these 10 NY epitomizing perfumes. They all match the city’s good and bad sides and the traits that make it the City of Hope! If you think that there is a perfume out there which deserves a place in this list, please let us know by writing a comment in our discussion panel below!


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