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Monday Chic of the Week: Vanille Blackberry by Comptoir Sud Pacifique

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Monday Chic of the Week: Vanille Blackberry by Comptoir Sud Pacifique

Comptoir Sud Pacifique’s latest hit release Vanille Blackberry is already all set for summer cult-fragrance status. Artfully mixing flowers and fruits, it’s a scented testimony to feminine extravagance.

Vanille BlackberryVanille Blackberry takes no prisoners right from the start of the composition: bergamot and lemon are tartly fresh and bold, like a wake up call after a sleepless night. The fruit element is playful and unrestrained in the galaxy of middle notes: blackberry and pink berries are leading the march to exotic scentescapes. Rose and jasmine have supporting roles here, fulfilling them with a discerning beauty.

Ascending from the bottom is the vanilla, elevated from below by white musk and cashmere woods.  This is a decadent, hot and raw, high-quality note, the kind that Comptoir Sud Pacifique is known and adored for.

Vanilla and blackberry are like two olfactive magnets, pushing and pulling to and from each other, yet complementing their sweet and sour characters.

One of the best tributes to vacation scentescapes, Vanille Blackberry is an exotic roller coaster in in liquid form with the highest quality of ingredients. Interested in owning that hot and cool fragrance this summer? You can never go wrong with Vanille Blackberry by Comptoir Sud Pacifique. 

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The French house of Comptoir Sud Pacifique are back with another scented soundtrack for the sweetest and sexiest vacations, entitled Vanille Blackberry. Comptoir’s decadent, signature vanilla note returns, and this time it’s portrayed as a dark stranger with a long shadow of blackberry in the heart. The top notes of ripe, bursting lemon and bergamot set the stage, but they quickly make way for the rich, spicy vanilla. The blackberry heart note’s natural sweetness almost fools your nose into believing it’s chocolate. Soft traces of rose petals and sheer jasmine decorate the edges of the gourmand notes, but are content to be background players, rather than the centerpiece in a traditional floral bouquet. The drydown is bright and elegant with white musk and cashmere woods. The last few traces of Vanille Blackberry will lower you back down to Earth gently, so you can relax and enjoy the memories of meeting your own dark stranger the night before. They won’t mind if you keep the robe.

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