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Scentbird Perfume Pick for May: Citrine by NEST – An Uplifting Citrusy Floral

Citrine By Nest


Scentbird Perfume Pick for May: Citrine by NEST – An Uplifting Citrusy Floral

Scentbird’s Pick for May is Citrine from NEST Fragrances, a luxury fragrance brand.  NEST Fragrances is known for its mood enhancing, beautiful wardrobe of fragrances.

Citrine is a buoyant, crisp and citrusy floral that Laura Slatkin, the founder of NEST Fragrances, describes as “happiness in a bottle”.   The inspiration for Citrine comes from a childhood memory of Laura’s father, who was a society photographer.  He had the opportunity to photograph the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.  The Duchess was wearing the most beautiful yellow silk taffeta dress.  That memory along with additional inspiration images, inspired Laura to create Citrine.

Citrine features sparkling notes of lemon blossom, lotus flower, freesia, dew drop accord and precious woods.  The pairing of the sweet freesia with the bright lemon is a joy to wear, especially when the lotus and dew drop accord keep both of these notes from being too bright or too smothering.

Citrine’s style is about the shimmering quality of the citrus and floral notes, lending a lovely sparkle that will invigorate your senses throughout the day.   It’s also an Eau de Parfum concentration, so it will last long enough to get you through the day.

Why NEST Is Unique:

Each fragrance in the NEST Fragrances collection has its own inspiration, story and mood.

Why NEST Works:

Founder of NEST Fragrances, Laura Slatkin, takes inspiration from fashion, art and botanicals when she is creating a new fragrance.  This process produces a unique fragrance experience.

Men/Women?   NEST Fragrances is a decidedly feminine line.  Sorry, fellas.

Who Can Wear This?

NEST Fragrances is a line that can be worn any time of year, and it can be paired with any style you like.  The floral elements will bring out the details in any look that suits your mood.

 Citrine 50Ml Edpspray Nobox 72Dpi

Vivacious, bright, invigorating and smooth, Citrine lives up to its name by delivering a citrusy floral scent with sophistication and elegance to spare.  Combining lotus flower and freesia against sparkling citrus and woody notes, Citrine is a happy, refreshing fragrance.

Discover the uplifting Citrine by NEST Fragrances, Scentbird’s May Perfume of the Month, by adding it into your queue.

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