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Friday Chic of the Week: Dark Rebel Rider by John Varvatos

Friday Chic Of The Week Dark Rebel Rider By John Varvatos


Friday Chic of the Week: Dark Rebel Rider by John Varvatos


Dark Rebel Rider is a strong magnetic yet sensual scent infused with immaculate style and sophisticated manhood. This olfactive James Dean is inspired by the style and need for speed of 21st century men. Particularly the ones that find comfort in the touch and scent of their favorite leather jacket.

It is actually leather that is the star of the fragrance. But the initial moment when this rebel touches the skin, it is the spiciness of the saffron that greets the air around you. There are enough floral/spicy notes in the opening that try to counterbalance the saffron, but they are just following the leader of the pack.

The heart is balsamic and inviting. An explosion of resin notes with a soft floral choir in the back. And then comes the dry down. The leather is masculine, dominating, powerful, fearless. There is cocoa pod and a hint of vanilla, projecting just enough sweetness and woodsy nuances that balance out the dark, masculine vibes provoked by notes of leather.

Interpreted as biker-friendly fragrance, this aromatic medley is bold but sophisticated. It comes to life when racing with wind, but also with racing of the pulse.

The famous John Varvatos bottle is now donning one of the most stylish outfits ever: a leather jacket accentuating its obvious boldness and unconventional style.

If there is even a single adventurous spark inside you, you’ll love this Dark Rider Rebel. Although stepping away from the mainstream leather fragrances, John Varvatos has created an innovative scent that will be adored by the right audience. 

Dark Rebel Rider

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